A highly efficient signature bodywork, alleviating acute and chronic pain, treating widespread conditions of the body, head pain as well as addressing belly and pelvic floor conditions (if needed).

AreaTransform - Health & Well-being
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MediumIn Person

Memo is special. He makes everything about the practice human but taking it always to the next level to what we can do as humans. He has massive energy which he is always open to transfer. He is authentic and not teaching trendy yoga. The other thing that makes me connect in class is that he tries to understand everyone individually.


Elina is a gifted facilitator … She has helped me immensely to ground back into my body, to reconnect with my emotions and to release long-held tension. Every session was insightful and transformative in its unique way

Luise Anahata

Elina has a remarkable nurturing ability and clarity that guided me effectively and safely to a place within myself were I could release deep old patterns. This had an immediate effect upon my life and I was able to find the inner strength to make positive life changes.

Ra Lalita Dasi

Elina gave me one of the best massage sessions I ever had. And I can tell you I’ve had hundreds! She isn’t shy to push you through your physical and mental pains with her magical hands.

Theo Berlie 


Alchemical Bodywork

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

Through deep sensitive touch, Elina works on the cause of chronic pain and overly contracted soft tissue.

She works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breathwork, myofascial unwinding, body awareness training as well as addressing emotions and their expression. If needed, methods of abdominal and pelvic floor work are integrated (Chi Nei Tsang, belly massage and healing, Fascia Release).

In this way she progressively opens the body’s soft tissue layers, as she encounters stuck energy in the form of shortened, hardened tissue, stored toxins or emotions. She responds with sensitive touch to support the release of these blockages. 

Purpose + Benefits

Alchemical Bodywork will guide you through a deep and transformative experience, aligning your body, mind and emotions. Whether you are looking for deep body-work, relaxation or a therapeutic release of chronic pain, tensions or stress, your needs will be addressed in the most comprehensive way possible.

This work is highly efficient at alleviating acute and chronic pain, treating widespread conditions of body and head pain.

It also energizes, strengthens and detoxifies the internal system and vital organs. It stimulates blood and lymph flow thus improving the functions of organs, and as a result, it stimulates and regulates the digestive and reproductive organs, tones the belly, womb and digestion and helps with emotional and physical releases. 

This, in turn, activates the body’s natural ability for self-correction and healing.  

Before therapy

Please don’t eat heavy food 2 hours prior to the session. 

After therapy

We move a lot of physical and emotional toxins, thus drink loads of water to support the flushing out. 

Allow some free time to rest and integrate. 

The Place

At Client's Place

She does visits at client’s place.

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