The Ceremony

On arrival at the rancho-sanctuary, Abuelo Antonio will receive you with a warm welcome and fresh juice to make you feel at home. You will be invited to walk around the property to make the connection with the sacred place before going to the “Soul Clinic”, a traditional and simple Mayan construction where the ceremony will happen.

The Pudzyáh happens at two levels:

The first level focuses on connecting with your soul. 

El Abuelo works on opening a circle of light where he connects with other dimensions. He channels the information coming from the archangels, spiritual guides and ascended masters as they guide you through the process. You will then receive the information that you need for your healing process. Breathing is key to understanding the consciousness of your being and heal. Plants can also be involved in the process. 

During the second level, physical and emotional involvement occurs.

Abuelo Antonio scans the body: the organs, veins, arteries, joints as well as the blood flow. He identifies the emotional blocks in your body. Through different massage techniques, he releases vital energy to balance the body.

After the Pudzyáh, a delicious organic Mayan meal cooked with the ingredients from the ranch will be served. 


Pudzyáh: Ancestral Mayan Energetic Treatment

4 hours
5,500$ MXN


The Place

The therapy takes place at the Soul Clinic, located in the middle of Yucatan jungle,1 km away from the Sisbicchén community and 1.45 hours from Tulum town.

It is a spiritual sanctuary, an energetic vortex where healing happens faster and more easily.

Purpose + Benefits

The Pudzyáh is a holistic treatment that balances the soul, body and mind and makes you aware of how to live a healthier and happier life

It facilitates an awake state to react to the emotions

It rejuvenates your being, bringing in peace and harmony

It harmonizes your DNA by applying fractal geometry energy

It releases energies that get imprinted in your cells and in your subtle bodies

Before ceremony

No food for at least 3 hours before treatment

Trust yourself 

Shower before treatment 

No drugs or alcohol 

No sex the day before treatment

After ceremony

Drink 2 litres of water during the day 

Eat light 

No red meat 

No sex during the day 


Have a fresh shower/bath or swim in the sea or cenote

Stay away from busy or noisy places

Go to sleep early (around 9 pm)

No drugs or alcohol

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Your soul’s journey



Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey




Beauty begins where perfection ends




Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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