Our healer combines ancestral Mayan knowledge with different contemporary therapeutic techniques.

This combination helps him manipulate the body, from the spine to the shoulders, bones, tissue and tendons.

AreaHealing Massage
Language(s)EN - ES
MediumIn Person

Gonzales’ massage was one of the best I have ever had. Every time I go to Tulum I book a massage with him. It’s more than a massage, it is a complete treatment that liberates tensions and muscular contractions, relaxing both your body and your mind. He doesn’t work at physical level only, but it truly holistic. All of those I have recommended it to are still grateful.


I would like to recommend Raul Gonzales for his excellent service and his unforgettable massages. He is extremely respectful and always on time. I’ve been treated by him for 3 years and I have been recommending him to friends, tourists and locals. Everyone has been incredibly satisfied and agreed that he is the best masseur in Tulum.

Pepe Soho

Gonzales’ massage is not just a simple, relaxing massage, which I believe only benefits the surface of the body. It reaches deeper issues because he understands how the body works but also how it connects to our spirit, where our body issues are actually rooted and which causes tensions and unbalance. He respects his patients and is fully dedicated to helping anyone in need.


My family and I have been treated by Gonzales for over a year, receiving massages and rehabilitation therapies. He has got ample knowledge of different techniques and has also helped me during my pregnancy with maternity massage. He is very professional and the results have always been really positive.



Ancestral Physiotherapy

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

The session starts with a ritual aimed at connecting energetically with the client, and at identifying his emotional and physical status. He then identifies the issues to be treated. Thanks to digital acupuncture on the tendons in the back, he discovers where the inflammation is and starts treating it. 

The duration of the massage depends on the level of healing intensity needed by the client. 

He uses different techniques depending on the clieent’s needs, including traditional massage, Craniosacral massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue and lomilomi and so on. This combination together with ancestral healing techniques makes of this massage something really unique.

“My hands explore the body like a map, they move where the pain is.”

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose of his practice is wide, from relieving physical pain and issues to releasing tensions and blockages in the body. He can also simply help you achieve a profound state of relaxation providing a feeling of general wellbeing.

Before therapy

No heavy meals for at least two hours before the massage

If your therapy includes the Mayan purification ritual please:

Do not have sex since the night before

Do not eat red meat

Do not consume drugs or alcohol

After therapy

Swim in the sea or in a cenote 

Avoid noisy places

Relax and have an early night

The Place

At Client's Place

He does visits to clients’ place.

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