Ursula is a Therapeutic Astrologer who gives conferences worldwide and has been teaching for over 25 years. Ursula’s formation includes studies in Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Jungian Psychology, Thanatology, Art History and Painting.

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I chose a reading with Ursula, it was amazing! She has a lot of heart, insight, astrology/psychology knowledge, and she was just so loving in her approach!

Nadiyah Shah


Therapeutic Astrology – Online session

2 hours
4,000$ MXN


The therapy

Ursula’s therapy consists of a fusion of astrology, psychological and her own creative approach that she has learnt and discovered over years in her day- to – day practice.

Purpose + Benefits

Astrology is a wonderful self-awareness tool, that helps you get a greater insight into your most profound feelings and motivations of your psyche. Thanks to the fusion of astrology and therapy clients are able to approach areas of their life, that were blocked or unknown on a conscious level due to repressed feelings in their unconscious mind. This is a unique way to get in touch with a broader perspective of their own life and the lives of those who surround them.

Before therapy

It is important that clients send the following information to Ursula ahead of the reading:

Full Name


Birth hour

Birth place

Email address

Any specific question about what they want to approach during the session

After therapy

Get in touch with your deepest motivations and longings. Create change, a new life and new perspectives.

The Place

Online/ In Person

She lives in Mexico City but travelling regularly to Tulum where she does sessions in person.

Remote session via Zoom or Skype.

Sessions are recorded and shared following the session.

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    Your soul’s journey

    STAGE 01


    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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