Using the power of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Prana Vidya, Ayurvedic Massage, Abdominal Massage, and Mantra the person is taken to a profound state of relaxation and openness that helps us dissolve and release blocks that restrict our energetical, mental and physical bodies.

A Full Healing Session is 90 min.

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Pablo, with much gratitude toward you. I don’t think it is an overstatement to say the experience for me yesterday was profound and may actually be a life changing point in time for me. I have stepped onto the road now…. bless you, Pablo, you are truly one of the great people in this world.


Pablo, I just wanted to say thank you again so, so much for everything. That was one of the most special experiences, and I can’t wait to let it settle/digest and then continue to go deeper.


I am feeling more grounded and balanced since my session with you, the clouds parted, and I have enjoyed a profound sense of well being. 

Holly R.
Pablos sessions are powerful and healing. He masters the art of moving energies in a safe and gentle way while opening up physical blockages at the same time. I always leave feeling nurtured, relaxed and uplifted.
Yohanna M.


Full Body Energy Healing Massage. Chakras Balance.

90 minutes
3,200$ MXN


The therapy

The full process and journey through the chakras include:

REIKI awakens the heart chakra tuning us into the frequency of love. By harmonizing the Heart Chakra we become more compassionate and quickly allow forgiveness and acceptance to ourselves and others. Reiki also awakens our Crown Chakra to connect us to divine energy giving us pure awareness and consciousness.

AROMATHERAPY enhances our Root Chakra’s sense organ of smell. Balancing the Root Chakra creates a solid foundation for opening the Chakras above. This provides the stability we need to create security and joy in our life.

PRANA VIDYA opens our Third Eye Chakra giving us a much clearer perspective of life. activates the Nadis and Pranic Channels to enable energetical and emotional healing of our subtle body.

AYURVEDIC MASSAGE is a gentle but deep process where the person is taken to a profound state of relaxation and openness creating physical healing.

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE balances the Creativity and Solar Plexus Chakras. We receive the feeling of wellness, abundance, and pleasure. This guides us to have clear goals, desires and intentions while helping us to also move forward in achieving them.

BODY TALK ASSESSMENT + MANTRA clears Throat Chakra blocks aligning us to our Higher Self by speaking, listening and expressing a more subtle form of communication.

The therapy smoothly transitions between each of these techniques and the therapist’s intuition guides to the areas that need more attention during the therapy. The therapy provides a truly exceptional integrative energy massage and invaluable advice to take away following the session to aid your future growth and healing.

Purpose + Benefits

Opens and harmonizes the Nadi channels of the subtle bodies. 

Profound relaxation and release of tension on mental, emotional and physical level

Unlocking and liberation of the emotions

Sense of balance and equilibrium 

Reconnection to self, a sense of internal peace and harmony.

Expansion and opening of the heart centre

Energy centres balanced and physical body left re energized 

Before therapy

Drink lots of water and hydrate well

Come with a open mind, open heart and positive mentality

Please remove jewelry, metal and piercings

Allow yourself to be open to the experience without expectations

Please note, the practice requires clients to be topless

Eat a light meal before session

After therapy

Drink at least two litres of water

Allow yourself time to relax and connect to your inner wisdom in nature

Swimming in the sea or cenote will help you connect further with the practice 

Avoid loud noises, alcohol, drugs and crowds

Allow yourself to feel everything that comes out without judgment and attachment

The Place

Clients Place

The therapist does visits at client’s place.

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    Your soul’s journey

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


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    Beauty begins where perfection ends


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    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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