A lack of balance in the PH is the real cause of any disease.

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Hola Ana! I hope you are well. I’m doing much better and my body is def healing. I can feel and see the differences already… a couple days after my healing I went through an intense détox…. And then each day after I became stronger. I felt like I was becoming reborn. And now I am respecting, listening and connecting with my body in a whole new way. So I just want to say thank you so much for everything. It has completely transformed me from the inside out. I would like to see you again next time I come back in either March or May


I don’t no what I had, but after my experience I now trust biomagnetism because I felt such difference the following day. I woke up with a lot of energy. I would have monthly sessions to cleanse what I have accumulate during the month and keep my wellbeing at a good level.


Hi Ana. I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s therapy. I feel really really good. What you do is such a wonderful gift to the world.

Juan Pablo

The therapy

Ana works with three types of biomagnetic therapies:

1. Medical Biomagnetism

2. The vibration of Bacterial Arch

3. Vitalistic Biomagnetic Adjustment

Medical Biomagnetism and Vibration of Bacterial Arch will be used for problems associated with pathogens (viruses, bacterias, fungi, or parasites). They are efficient methods to eliminate any kind of pathogen.

Vitalistic Biomagnetic Adjustment works deeply and holistically. It is recommended when the body presents various causes that generate disease. This is also a complimentary session to finish any other procedure. 

Ana starts detecting “leaks” in your energy field. It s very common to have energy leaks when you give space to bad emotions, traumas, fears, worries, bad habits … these low frequencies weaken your system and organs. Accumulating these bad energies is the main reason for illnesses, inflammations, pain, etc. Biomagnetism helps you also to delete these energies from your body’s memory. 

Not only emotions but also junk food, heavy metals, plastic, radiation … are accumulated in our bodies over time. Magnets help to drain these aggressors, leaving your body clean.

Other causes of illness trait with magnets inherited diseases; unbalanced hormonal, gland and meridians; rest of vaccinations; immune system deficiency; anemia; mental health issues as stress or depression, among others. 

Ana works with different protocols according to the problem to treat, restoring, and balancing your body in a state of wellbeing. 

Purpose + Benefits

Creates the appropriate level of energy in the body

Promotes the activation of the immune system

Reduces the negative effects of distress (muscle tension, intestinal inflammation, sleep problems, anxiety, lack of concentration,  palpitations and breathing problems)

Eases the detox process.

Improves tone of blood vessels and flow.

Enhances the performance of organs and glands.

Boosts metabolism.

Improves the healing of tissues.

Reduces symptomatic effects – burning, pain, inflammation, tiredness – and helps recovery.

Reduces secondary effects of surgeries, medical and conventional treatments.

Before therapy

Do not eat at least 40 minutes before the therapy.

Drink plenty of water.

After therapy

Change your toothbrush.

Drink plenty of water to accelerate the detox process.

The Healer


Biomagnetism Therapist

AreaHealth Recovery
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The Place

She does visits at client's place (depend on availability) or you can visit her studio in town

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