Bioresonance takes advantage of the energy waves emitted by our body to promote self-healing and improve overall functioning naturally, boosting the immune system.

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MediumOnline, In Person

The service and information she provides for improvement and balance are sensational, outside of traditional medicine, here I found that if we stay in balance, we can stay healthy and with mental and emotional clarity. 

Ivonne Alarcón

Since I studied Bioresonance I felt the change immediately! I was depressed and anxious and I couldn’t get rid of my kidney discomfort and cystitis and from the first bioresonance I felt the change immediately … the depression and anxiety decreased a lot and my kidney improved, the truth is I loved it … thank you very much!

Vanessa Laskmi



90 minutes
2,500$ MXN


The therapy

Bioresonance therapy assesses the energy performance of the body as a whole. 

The diagnosis process starts with electrodes placed on the body. The equipment recognized the energy wavelengths coming from the body and giving a report with which areas are found unbalanced. 

After diagnosis, the therapist program and orders the issuance of necessary bioenergy waves to help to heal certain diseases or conditions and improve the overall performance of our body. The body will recover its natural vibration and balance. 

Purpose + Benefits

Identify the root causes of the body’s imbalance, stress triggers, emotions that are blocking the vital energy, and suite the best remedies for promoting health.


Bioresonance therapy works with the natural flow of the body

It is a non-invasive and without side effects

It provides an additional boost for people with low energy

It will improve the overall frequency of the human body

It improves mood and attitude

The therapy is useful in physiotherapy

It is a helpful diagnostic tool for many illnesses 

Additionally, Bioresonance therapy has been promoted as a useful or curative modality for the following:

Allergies. Food intolerance. Digestive disorders. Arthritis. Back pain. Degenerative discs. Joint disorders. Atopic dermatitis (eczema or red, itchy skin). Depression. Tumor therapy. Cancer support. Organ problems. Hormonal disorders. Migraines. Sports injuries. Pre-operative and post-operative support. Gum disease. Low energy. Chronic fatigue. Osteoporosis. Gynecological disorders, including painful menstrual periods. Hair loss. Obesity and weight loss programs. Infections, bacterial, viral, fungal (candida, too). Thyroid disorders. Cigarette and drug addiction. Complementary therapy for a variety of other physical abnormalities.

Before therapy

Attend well hydrated

Light meal before or empty stomach

Go to the appointment without metals in the body such as rings, earrings, etc. 

After therapy

Do not exercise or work that requires a lot of energy since the body is using it will trigger enzymatic reactions to repair and detoxify. 

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, preferably if possible with a few drops of lemon essential oil to facilitate the body’s detoxification mechanisms.

The Place

In Person/ Online

The first session has to be in person or sending hair or saliva (ask for our kit).

The following sessions could be online.

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