She infuses your body in a state of perfect mobility and constant energy flow.

Her hands are strong and her technique is methodic and sophisticated, reaching points in your body that you even did not know that existed before. 

AreaHealing Massage
Language(s)EN - ES
MediumIn Person

Caro is perhaps the best masseuse I’ve ever known. Probably because she is much more than a masseuse: she combines the different techniques after a very subtle integral diagnosis, for a therapeutic experience of deep transformation. Her Thai massage is for me the meeting, after a lifetime of searching around the world, of the perfect massage.

Norbert Jansenson.

Every time I go to Tulum I don’t really care if it’s gonna be sunny, rainy, or even full of seaweed as far as I have my appointment with Carolina, the best therapist in the world. She really is amazing and would take me to the moon no matter what my mood is at that time. Thank you, Carolina, can’t wait for next time.

Gaston Levy

Caro is great masseuse…she has a very intuitive touch and a pair of hands that work their magic on sore muscles.  

Daria Hines


Body Release Integrative Massage

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

This healing massage combines a variety of modern and ancient techniques like Thai massage stretching moves; Traditional Chinese medicine; Shiatsu acupressure points; Myofascial release skills;  Aromatherapy; Spiritual touch, and beautiful communication are the key of a very healing experience.

Her hands will drive you a profound state of relaxation and providing to your body what exactly needs to be in its maximum potential. She does visits at your place in Tulum and areas close by. 

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose and benefits of this therapy are extensive. 

Your body will achieve a state of absolute relaxation allowing it to release all the physical and emotional blocks that are stored in the body.

It is a full-body reset therapy, restoring the fundamental physical functions of the body. 

Before therapy

Don’t eat 2 hours before therapy. 

After therapy

Drinks lot of water to help your body to flush all the toxins.

The Place

At Client's Place.

She does visits at client’s place.

She owns a beautiful place in the middle of the jungle, 20 min distance from Tulum town where you can enjoy the treatment in peace and sounds of nature.

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