Cacao is the medicine of the heart.

Open your heart and explore your senses through the ancestral properties of Cacao.

AreaHeart Opening
Language(s)EN - ES - HE
MediumIn Person

The Ceremony

In this healing experience, we will explore the ancestral medicine of Cacao that works as a decoder of your hearts depth. 

We open the ceremony with the Shamanic tradition asking permission to the elements, guardians and directions, to then drink the delicious elixir and start feeling it rising. As we feel the fire coming up, we cover our eyes to go into a sensorial experience of self-discovery. 

Once we find the source of Anahata’s light we can access healing energies for every blockage we identify,  and once we surrender and go into that frequency of joy we let go of our fears and allow ourselves to surrender into self-love. And forgiveness  Join us to create a space of trust, celebrate freedom, and offer a cosmic dance to the universe.


*Medicine plants included into cacao is optional * Under request *


Cacao Ceremony in Tulum – Up to 2 people –

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The Place

Zohar’s healing nest is located in the Sian Kaan reserve where the ocean meets the jungle, a medicine house where she gathers several events, and holistic activities, power plant, and cacao ceremonies and therapies specially designed to connect mind, body, and spirit. Our medicine house project grows to receive guests and share the magic of this place where simplicity, honesty, and respect for nature are an essential part of the project’s values.

Purpose + Benefits

With Cacao we work on the level of the heart, we connect to our emotions through every sensation to heal our heart and feel the joy of being alive.

Awaken the true purpose of your heart, connect to your senses and celebrate life.

The Healer


Crystal, Channeler & Alchemist

AreaMexican Medicine
Language(s)EN - SP - HE
MediumIn Person
Meet healer

Before ceremony

Eat, think and act clean at least a couple of days before the session.

You must remain at a high frequency.

No food at least three hours before the ceremony.

Have an open heart and an intention to manifest.

After ceremony

Stay hydrated and protect your energy, surround yourself with people that help you grow.

Trust the process, everything you need to know is within you.

Every single thing you do as you finish your healing session, do it with consciousness.

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