Do you feel you are disconnected from yourself?; Stuck in a rut with a desire to change your life?; Are you ready to “look inside” and release suppressed emotions, allowing healing from within?; Are you ready to shift limiting beliefs and transform?.

If the answer is yes to these questions, Sabine’s Clarity Breathwork can help you on your journey.

AreaTransform - Passions & Abundance
Language(s)EN - DE
MediumOnline, In Person

I was in awe of how this process with Sabine was able to release long-held emotional tensions in my body. She is a wonderful practitioner, her expertise in helping you relax and surrender was amazing. 

Diane – Sydney, Australia 

This was absolutely incredible! It was my first time doing Breathwork and wow, I felt a huge energy shift!! Sabine is passionate and very knowledgeable in her field, a true professional.

Josephine – London, UK 

Thank you, Sabine.  I feel that you have been an instrumental part of this journey!!! 💗💕💗

Susi – Montreal, Canada


Transformational Breathwork

2 hours
3,500$ MXN


The therapy

It is a gentle, safe, and powerful breathing process that releases stress from the cells of the body, activating the subconscious mind allowing the transformation of limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Each session involves an exploration of the client’s current life situation and how they may be affecting one’s life. The session starts with a centering-in meditation and intention setting. The client lies down and Sabine holds space, guiding individuals through a transformative 90-120 minute breathing process where a variety of emotions and physical sensations are experienced.

The primary purpose of Clarity Breathwork is to release suppressed emotions and past traumas stored in the cells of our body. The therapy brings about deep emotional healing and teaches us how to let go and restore balance and well-being. Forgiving others and yourself becomes second nature during this process. There is an overall feeling of contentment following the session and some individuals gain a higher level of consciousness.

Purpose + Benefits

The goal of Clarity Breathwork is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and capacity for self-healing. It also helps people work toward overall improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The therapy reduces stress, increases vitality, and a sense of well- being. It allows old emotions and past traumas to be released from the cells of the body in a safe and gentle way. From this space, old abandonment wounds and fears of loss and rejection can be healed.

Before therapy

Avoid heavy food for at least 2 hours before therapy.

After therapy

Allow yourself time to reflect and connect with nature following the session.

Allow whatever you have experienced to sink in, without trying to understand or judge it.

Eat a light nutritious meal.

The Place

At client's place/ Tulum/ Playa del Carmen/ Online

She does visits at client’s places.

Online sessions in Zoom.

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