An ascending transformational process to find spiritual freedom.

Crystals work like keys to unlock each spiritual gateway of power in your being. 

AreaEnergy Alignment
Language(s)EN - ES - HE
MediumIn Person


Crystal Chakra Alignment and Vision Channeling

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

The ceremony begins with a guided meditation to reconnect to source and be in full receptiveness and presence, you will then lay down and we will place different crystals in the main energy centers, and then have a full body scan through a pendulum to find the source of energetic misbalances.

Once we finish with the entire energetic field we open a channel of light and healing energy through each corresponding chakra  through instruments, touch and frequencies to find a full spiritual balance. 

Each crystal carries the wisdom to unlock different memories that become blockages and find homeostatic balance.  

As we identify the source of trouble in our life we can align it and find our center, the harmonious balance will bring relief to your soul and every day reactions and emotions.


Purpose + Benefits

The main purpose of the healing sessions is to help you discover a balanced energetic flow within yourself, to forgive and let go of what doesn’t make you grow, to empower your intentions, and find congruency in your thoughts, words and actions.

The balancing of the chakras will help you heal & resolve the obstacles in your life on a physical, spiritual and energetic level.

Before therapy

Stay hydrated, eat think and act clean. Don’t eat meat or drink alcohol for the day of the session. It’s important you remain in a high frequency.

Think of an intention you want to work on. Come with an open heart and a full trust on the power of manifestation towards that healing intention. 

After therapy

Allow every shift in your perspective to integrate at its own timing. Protect your energy and the information you share with others. 

Continue using crystals as magnets of light and protection every day in your life. 

Trust the process, everything you need to know is within you. 

Every single thing you do as you finish your healing session, do it with consciousness. 

The Healer


Crystal, Channeler & Alchemist

AreaMexican Medicine
Language(s)EN - SP - HE
MediumIn Person
Meet healer

The Place

Zohar's healing house in Sian Kaan - She does visits at client's place depend on availability

Zohar’s healing nest is located in the Sian Kaan reserve where the ocean meets the jungle, a medicine house where she gathers several events, and holistic activities, power plant, and cacao ceremonies and therapies specially designed to connect mind, body, and spirit. Our medicine house project grows to receive guests and share the magic of this place where simplicity, honesty, and respect for nature are an essential part of the project’s values.

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