The DNA Regenesis is a powerful personal session, working on the multi-spectrum of your consciousness. This is a unique and precise experience for each soul.

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I had a Session with Asherah, for approximately an hour without her even touching me and once she finished and asked me to open my eyes I felt like I was 6 years old. There was a clarity in my gaze that I hadn’t felt in a long time

Alfredo, Tepoztlán, México.

That was the purest session I have received to date, which I believe reflects the purity of Asherah. 

Karen Sophia  
Asherah gently helped me to identify some core beliefs, formed in childhood which were subsequently released, along with the energetic and cellular memories; leaving me with a feeling of wholeness and peace. A transformative experience!
Shelly M.

I feel Ashearah offers a unique and powerful synthesis. She is a wise, humble and powerful medicine woman and a truly gifted healer.

Freyja Birch, Glastonbury, UK.

The therapy

The DNA Regenesis are powerful personal sessions, working on the multi-spectrum of your consciousness.

This is a unique and precise experience for each soul. It is combination of various healing modalities fused into Asherahs personal practice. The depth and amount of energy transmitted in each session is aligned to the highest and best way of your current evolution.

Asherahs overall intention is to assist you in the advancement of your souls evolution and to empower you in breaking through limitations. She serves as a guide to you and as a vessel of multidimensional intelligence to stream information and to transmit high vibrational energy.

The session can bring life changes and new ways of perception. This works together with your personal intent and openness to evolve.

Purpose + Benefits

Clearing of energetic toxins, physical blocks, sealing of auric tears.

Healing of childhood and/or parallel life traumas.

Releasing of lower vibrational attachments.

Clearing of limiting belief systems.

Realignment and regeneration of one’s bio-energy field.

Embodiment with greater aspects of the self.

Activation of dormant high vibrational coding and genetics.

Before therapy

No alcohol or drugs.

Journaling and set intentions to start opening to the energies.

After therapy

Drink water.

Rest and spend time in nature if possible – integration and full realignment take 3 days.


The Healer


Transformational Energy Healer

AreaEnergy Healing
Language(s)EN - SP - DUTCH
MediumIn Person
Meet healer

The Place

Her own space in jungle or Client's place or at Client's place

You can visit his home-studio just 17 km from Tulum or She can do visits at client’s places.

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