Human Design is a synthesis of all great spiritual paths into a system that allows you to understand your uniqueness through your mechanical function. That includes your personality, traits, talents, skills, gifts, shadows, triggers, and about your energetics, aura, chakras, and genetics. Manex was sharing his wisdom for more than 12 years of experience with Human Design in private practices.  

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“I felt very connected to my knowing. Felt a huge integration shift happen. Thank you”.


Working with Manex is like receiving a huge bear hug from the universe. There is something incredibly powerful and yet also gentle and patient in the way he delivers deep wisdom. At times it’s like he can see directly into your soul with piercing clarity and yet he always holds the noblest space. His work is all things accessible, loving, compassionate, impactful and actionable while being remarkably interspersed with humor and joy…

Elliott Coon

I never ever met someone like Manex. It is simply Life-Changing, it is authentic, it is real, it is direct to the point. To make you grow, to empower you, to set you free. And to fully understand what Manex does, and can bring to you, in your life, you have to see and recognize that it isn’t simply about “his work” it is a lifestyle. It is a way of living. Through the Human Design System, The Sphinx code tarot, Wisdom Quests, and the “crazy scientist heresies” Manex will guide you through a reconditioning process to finally get the chance to live as yourself.

Benjamin Torre

Working with Manex and especially going through the Wisdom Quest experience was more than a transformative experience. I had never before camped, let alone do a Vision Quest in nature. Every step leading up to the time on the mountain was beautifully orchestrated. Manex was a master at making us feel relaxed as he led us through challenges and initiations so that after each day we could not believe what we accomplished.

Stephanie Wang. Director of Evolver and x-CEO of Alchemist Kitchen


Human Design Reading

90 minutes
13,000$ MXN


The therapy

You will discover the blueprint of your soul, strategy, and genetics. It is a powerful tool that provides access to your donated function, and how you can learn to navigate it. You will reconnect with your soul and why it was created in this incarnation. You will discern about conditions – to be somebody you are not vs. your real self -. Human Design teaches about “the non-self” so you will identify and understand your life’s purpose and your true essence.  

Human Design is a precise tool that provides profound knowledge of yourself. Manex will assist you in how to make proper decisions that are correct for your own, leading you in the right direction, becoming a better being, and more optimal.  

Manex’s unique approach provides healing, preventative health, optimization, and personal guidance that have helped thousands of people worldwide gain consciousness of their inner function and outer connections. 

What are your concerns and how far do you want to go if you learned your full potential?. This session helps you identify energetic blocks, potentials, and subconscious limitations.

Purpose + Benefits

Discover why you are here in this incarnation, what is your life’s purpose, what are your talents, skills, gifts, shadows, triggers … how to make better decisions to drive you to your mayor potential.

Access to the confines of who you are, so you can live your life fully.

Before therapy

Birthday dates, time, place

After therapy

Personalized suggestions of flower essence, meditations, essential oils, and unique creative expressions to unleash your power.

The Place


Remote session via Zoom or Skype

All readings are recorded and shared following the session.

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    Your soul’s journey

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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