A full spectrum massage experience designed to clear energetic pathways and deeply relax the body and mind.

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Erin is my favorite body worker/massage therapist. I go to her for everything. Whether I’m tired and fatigued or working  through a sport injury or  just in need to get realigned with myself physically and energetically, Erin takes care of it all.


Erin teaches at a whole other level, the likes of which most people have never experienced.


The wisdom Erin imparts comes from her many years of study, personal practice, and her own experience. She is a natural teacher. Students leave her classes knowing what they need to do. 


The therapy

Erin’s integrative therapy is eclectic tailoring of eastern and western techniques. These include deep flowing therapeutic strokes, trigger point therapy, shiatsu and CranioSacral Therapy (CST). As well as Maya abdominal massage, Reiki, and Sound Healing on and off the body using crystal tipped tuning forks. 

Erin begins the session with a consultation where immediately you get a feel for her caring and kind nature. During the massage Erin responds to the needs of the individual, her intuitive nature guides her to heal and focus on what the body needs at that moment.

Purpose + Benefits

This treatment is designed to break up the hardness in the body thereby freeing the mind from its constrictive holding. Benefits will be a relaxed body and a feeling of a trance-like bliss.

Before therapy

Please shower and wash your feet before the massage.

After therapy

Drink lots of water, choose to immerse yourself in nature, rest.

The Place

At Client's Place or Erin's Place

At the time of booking, please specify where you would like to receive your massage

Or you can visit at her studio in town.

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    Your soul’s journey

    STAGE 01


    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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