Kabbalistic Healing uses the Tree of Life to create fundamental change at every level of life. Whether there are imbalances in the physical, psychological (resulting in anxiety or depression, etc.), or spiritual areas of a person’s relationships, this form can provide deep, lasting healing. 

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The session with Angelica: I trust her without question to look into my energy and life. Her sincerity and genuine concern makes me feel extremely relaxed and safe. For our energy healing session, Angelica asked me to first send a photo of myself. From this photo, she was able to intuitively read the state of my energy. For example, she noticed that my left hip was tight and that my sinuses were blocked (both of which were absolutely true!). Our session was a joint meditation over the phone, where she observed my energy from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Going one chakra at a time, she talked me through blockages by asking questions, and then remotely doing something that helped me  moved and balanced the energy in each area of my body … after session, I felt my body and soul-being to be very open and light.

Maya Azucena

I was very surprised by my session with Angelica.  I had not experienced an energy session like this before. Her natural calming demeanor supported me in slowing my breath and focusing my attention to different areas of my body.  I liked that the session was participatory as I could feel energy moving and see colours of light appear. Before the session, I had expressed that I had severely sprained my ankle and was experiencing pressure in my chest and difficulty breathing. So, I was surprised by the outpouring of emotion that came through when she had me focus on my throat and asked specific questions.  After the session, I felt a lightness in my chest and cathartic from crying.  Angelica has a natural way of holding space that builds the courage to be vulnerable in your experience and I am so happy that I did it!

Danielle Hall

Angelica’s session was unique in that I was an active participant in the session and it was incredible.  I’ve been feeling a bit ungrounded lately and Angelica was able to identify a lot of blocked energy areas, help to move the energies around and help me to open my voice around those that were painful to recognize and recall.  It was an intense session but one I needed very much and I’m grateful for her intuitive, calm, comforting and healing energy.

John Rodriguez

I really loved my session with Angelica. It was the first time I had experienced a remote healing that was so accurate in reading my physical, emotional, and energetic body. It really left me feeling so seen and understood and extremely impressed with her ability to be so in touch with spirit.

Mara Anthony


Kabbalistic, energy reading and healing 

90 minutes
3,600$ MXN


The therapy

Through the morphic field (which creates different relationships with reality), the healer can work in different planes of consciousness with the individual to guide the body through the healing process.

Angelica will start the session scanning your physical and energetic-emotional bodies. She will give you an exhaustive diagnostic of your current state followed by the energy healing. In addition, and if it is necessary, Angelica will give you recommendations on how to maintain a balanced body.

As a deep transformation occurs for the individual, the energy systems of the body naturally rebalance themselves and holistic alignment is achieved.

Energy Healing creates physical, auric, chakra, planetary, and distance healing. It is a subtle but powerful energy therapy technique best for healing emotional and spiritual wounds that may be the root of physical maladies. 

With grace and intention, the healer taps into the multidimensional energy fields and unlocks their potential for enhancing health in ways that are unique to the individual in need.

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose of these two modalities is to align and balance all four bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) creating harmony and allow the energy of the creation to do the healing that is needed.

The benefits include relaxation of the nervous system, balancing of the left and right side of the brain, the release of stagnant energy that has been holding in all four bodies, and overall feeling of peace and centerness that allows the client to have a better perspective about current or past experiences that had created an unbalanced duality in their life experience. 

Before therapy

Remote healing session: Please drink at least 3 liters of water the day before the session. Submit a full body picture with a white background, without shoes, socks, or jewelry, 30 mins before the session. If possible clear your space with palo santo or sage. Have a glass of water, tissues, earphones, if possible an eye mask.

Please be in a quiet, private space, free from any interruptions during the whole session.

Wear comfortable clothes.

**For women**: It is not recommended to have any energy session done 5 days before the menstrual cycle, during the menstrual cycle, or 5 days after the menstrual cycle.

After therapy

As the energy work continues, some people may experience a “detox process,” after their first session. This may include feeling emotions amplified for a period. Besides, it is possible to have symptoms of a regular cold. This is normal as the body will start releasing stagnant energy, and old emotions, some will experience a reality shift as their identity begins to purify by removing old stories and beliefs that they have been attached or addicted to.

For best results avoid if possible engaging in any stressful situation including interactions with toxic people and harmful environments after your healing journey. Taking a salt bath will help the physical body releasing old energy and will continue to clear the auric field.

The Place

Online Session

Remote session via Zoom or Skype.

Audio can be recorded and shared following the session.

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