Your “Galactic Signature” is a multi-layer key into your Divine design, central to your life’s destiny, based upon your date of birth (first breath). Once identified, the more awareness you put on it, the more your signature will reveal its presence and powers. Mikuak will provide you with a comprehensive PDF reading and instructive, intuitive insights about your personal Galactic Signature (birth year and the current year). He will also help you learn and understand how to navigate the basic language and codes of the 13 Moon Calendar, which provides you with a day-to-day lens into synchronicity for your purpose journey this lifetime.



Mayan Astrology. Galactic Signature Reading.

1 hour
4,000$ MXN


The therapy

You will learn about the various other signatures (or Kin) that form the basis of the T’zolkin 260-day calendar. 260 is a factor of multiplying 13 tones and 20 tribes. This can be useful in understanding how you relate to and experience other people or significant events and moments in your life. Collectively, the energies of the 260 different kin help us see all of life as a collaboration between Universal forces and patterns. As we explore and live with attention on these energies, we get to experience our evolution unfolding through everyday life.

The 13 Moon Calendar system is commonly, and mistakenly, referred to as the Modern Mayan Calendar; yet, while this 13 Moon (Natural Time) Calendar does integrate the ancient patterns and codes found in the Mayan Time Science, these mathematics are Universal reflections of cosmic order, themselves not Mayan. Also, this 13 Moon system integrates new knowledge that is not based on the historical Mayan Calendar; and, therefore, it verges on the cultural misrepresentation to confuse this as the Traditional Mayan Calendar. So, technically speaking: this is not the Mayan Calendar, but rather, this synchronized 13 Moon Calendar is based on Nature’s time science of 13:20 which the ancient Maya were aware of and recorded.

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose of knowing one’s Galactic Signature is to bring one’s mind and being into sync and harmony with natural cycles. In this way, we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony with nature.

Benefits include: 

– More clear insight into one’s life purpose

-Increased awareness of synchronicity, i.e. the nature of nature

-Having a unique lens into cycles of the past, present, and future of one’s journey

-A greater sense of overall well-being, empowerment, and connectedness

– Greater access to creative ideas, visions, and inspiration

-More personal heart and mind coherence

-Gaining knowledge on how to utilize the 13 Moon calendar (synchronometer) as a tool for personal and planetary attunement

Before therapy

Provide your birth date (including year) so that he can compile your Galactic Signature reading.

If you have any specific questions in mind that you wish to explore, please include them.

After therapy

Begin to utilize the tool of the 13 Moon Calendar with the awareness that your personal signature is the passport into this Galactic perspective.

Mikuak will give references to where different versions of the calendar may be acquired. He will also provide a PDF version of the current year calendar, for your convenience.

The Place


Remote sessions via Zoom or Skype.

All readings are recorded and shared following the session.

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