Our body gets ill when it is filled with fear. This fear penetrates through the darkness of our thoughts and expands throughout the body like a horrible illness. The pain follows, bringing in sorrow and depression.

“People have so many fears. When one accepts fear, good things occur. If you accept fear, you can understand it and transform it. But if you deny it, you will be damned.”

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Thank you Avelino for sharing your knowledge with us and for helping us continue to follow our path, with love and not with fear!


I met Avelino in Quintana Roo years back and people now fly from all over the world to receive his medicine. If you haven’t heard his TEDx Tulum presentation please do it, it shines. We will be collaborating again in 2019 for a Synergy Training in Tulum. This brother has healed tons of people that I’ve brought his way.


Thank you Avelino for healing my soul.


Avelino is one of the most powerful healers i’ve ever known… i am blessed to call him my friend! I love you my brother! 



Trauma Release – Mayan Shamanic Healing

90 minutes
3,200$ MXN


The therapy

Our mind can bring illness, but also has the power to heal.

If the mind is in chaos, the body – through the nervous system – reacts accordingly. It blocks and as a consequence, the energy stops flowing and the heart is affected.

Avelino’s hands are sensitive to people’s energy. Avelino can see, feel, and understand this energy and help them balance their body, mind, and soul-making them aware of what is happening within them.

Awareness is different from understanding. When you understand, blockages become clear and the pains disappear.

Avelino’s therapy is based on the Universal knowledge. It works through the divine consciousness to balance the inner energetic flows.

It starts with a conversation aimed at understanding where the blockages are and at detecting where in space-time they happened. Life can be divided into stages of seven years.

After this initial conversation, Avelino works for his hands through the body. He gathers and channels the energy blocked in the body and in each one of the seven chakras. He then manipulates the trigger points to move the trapped emotions and free the energy, releasing the conscience.

Purpose + Benefits

“I want to help people live differently, guide them to break bad habits and connect to their inner light.”

This therapy brings about multiple benefits as it gets to the origin of the problem, making one feel lighter and free.

Before therapy

Eat alkaline food – fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables.

Be aware and keen to undertake the therapy.


After therapy

Specific recommendations will be provided after each treatment.

Be grateful for all experiences – good and bad – in your life.

Enjoy every moment, knowing that you can transform life around you.


Continue with your inner work.

The Place

Wellness Centre in the Mayan jungle

It is a unique holistic community set in the middle of the Mayan Jungle.

Sunlight floods the place with subtle rays of grounding energy filtered through the trees’ leaves while birds musicalize the atmosphere.

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    Your soul’s journey

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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