Mayan Healing is Francis’ signature. She has created a unique therapy that combines diverse and complex Ancestral Mayan techniques to have profound and energetic healing from inside out.

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Mayan Healing

90 minutes
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

Under her profound experience, Francis combines traditional Mayan healings in one. From adjusting the physical body to “Empacho”, “Sobada Maya” (abdominal massage), to unblocking emotional and spiritual blockages with energy cleansings where she uses medicinal herbs, prayers, and energy work to raise your vibrational frequency. 

She finishes with a full body massage that will allow you to achieve a deep state of relaxation, helping you to connect with your pure essence. This is an exclusive therapy that you will always remember. 

Purpose + Benefits

Francis’ Mayan Healing is a complete treatment in body, mind, and soul in only one therapy. It will help you release emotional blockages, adjust your physical body that your chakras and meridians will back to normality. Cleanse the energies you no longer need, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation and wholeness. Traditional full-body and abdominal massage using a mix of heritage techniques, aimed at physical and energetic alignment.

Before therapy

Eat light or fasting for at least 3 hours before therapy. 

Drink water. 

Don’t do exercise that requires a lot of effort. Yoga and meditation are allowed.

Don’t use drugs or alcohol.

After therapy


Avoid going to noisy places.

Don’t use drugs and alcohol.

Pay attention to dreams.

Drink plenty amount of water. 

The Place

At Client's Place in Tulum

She does visits at client’s place.

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    Your soul’s journey

    STAGE 01


    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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