It is a complete treatment that will help you to heal inside out through various forms of ancestral healing knowledge and advanced therapeutic techniques.

AreaNative Healing
Language(s)EN - ES - PT - IT
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The therapy

Juan starts his session in the center with the navel and surrounding area, intestine, spleen, lymphatics, and gallbladder. The channels begin to open and once this whole area is opened, he continues opening the hips and solar plexus so the blood can flow. 

“We are as a drop of water that comes from the sky and goes to the sea. It is a flow of water that has to be balanced to see if it is blocked or not. My own body feels where the blockages are, I channel myself with the patient’s body so that I can open up the spiritual body and see how the energy is flowing”, Juan mentions.

Then the head, neck and face, “when face is relaxed, everything relaxed”. 

The patient begins to enter into another conscious state. 

At the moment when the patient is relaxed, Juan continues working the whole body, tapping and activating from the sacrum to the skull with a special machine that vibrates on a cellular level. Through the breathing he goes deeper into the physical and energetic work. The energy begins to ascend. The whole body begins to oxygenate and the patient begin to feel more clarity. 

If there is any problem at the root or blockage is a special way to get it out through specific points. In the body there are points of exit and entry. 

Juan always prepares the patients before and after with an integration. “With the same key you open is the same key you close”, Juan mentions. 

The great mystery has a geometry and each one of us has our own. Juan can detect the specific geometry or individual pattern of each person.

Purpose + Benefits

The benefits of this treatment work on a physical, energetic and emotional level.

Full adjustment of the physical body.

Feeling 5 year rejuvenated and completely renewed.

Decrease pain and fatigue.

Improves digestion.

Healing and rehab muscle injuries.

Improves circulation.

Decrease in inflammation. 

Lymphatic drainage.

Cleans and unblocked energetic body channels. 

Adjust the spine hips knees and heels

Before therapy

2 hrs fasting. 

Not drugs or alcohol.

After therapy

Drink plenty of water 

Electrolytes are recommended. 

Resting having stillness for the rest of the day avoiding toxic substances and stimulants. 

Following personalized recommendations.

The Healer


Native Healer

AreaNative Healing
Language(s)EN - SP - PT - IT
MediumIn Person
Meet healer

The Place

Healing Jungle Sanctuary in Chemuyil - Client's place (depend on availability)

It is 30 mins distance from Tulum town. An incredible and silent sanctuary in the middle of the jungle.

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