It is a profound full-body treatment that will help you to heal from inside out with a unique combination of native healing tools and advanced therapeutic techniques. After therapy with Juan, you will feel 5 years younger and renovated. 

AreaTransform - Health & Well-being
Language(s)EN - ES - PT - IT
MediumIn Person


Native Healing Therapy

90 minutes
3,500$ MXN


The therapy

“The great mystery has a sacred geometry and each one of us has one” 

Juan’s gift is to detect individual geometry and activate the meridians of the body. Juan checks the client’s feet to diagnose if the body’s energy is in a positive or negative pole. The diagnosis helps him apply a specific protocol in each case. 

He opens the meridians from the navel area, applying an abdominal massage, spleen, lymphatic system, and gallbladder. He continues with the hips and solar plexus to boost circulation. Follow by head, neck, and face where the client immerses in a deep relaxation state. He activates the rest of the body with special techniques. All cells are oxygenated. Emotional and physical blocks are removed. It is a profound healing therapy that boosts the immune system and raises body frequency. 

Juan mentions: ” We are as a river, as a drop, that comes from the sky and goes to the sea and vice-versa. It is a continuous transformation; a constant flow and the same happen with the energy of the body”. 

Juan prepares his clients with an integration process before and after therapy. “You open and close with the same key”. 

Purpose + Benefits

The benefits of this treatment work on a physical, energetic and emotional level.

Full adjustment of the physical body.

Feeling 5 year rejuvenated and completely renewed.

Decrease pain and fatigue.

Improves digestion.

Healing and rehab muscle injuries.

Improves circulation.

Decrease in inflammation. 

Lymphatic drainage.

Cleans and unblocked energetic body channels. 

Adjust the spine hips knees and heels

Before therapy

2 hrs fasting. 

Not drugs or alcohol.

After therapy

Drink plenty of water 

Electrolytes are recommended. 

Resting having stillness for the rest of the day avoiding toxic substances and stimulants. 

Following personalized recommendations.

The Place

Healing Jungle Sanctuary in Chemuyil - Client's place (depend on availability)

It is 30 mins distance from Tulum town. An incredible and silent sanctuary in the middle of the jungle.

He does visits at client’s place.

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