Past Life Regression involves going back to earlier lifetimes under hypnosis to retrieve memories, patterns, and events that may still be negatively influencing your life today. It can be a transformative and insightful process, the knowledge gained can help overcome obstacles, phobias, fears, and bad habits. It can also resolve painful relationship issues. The therapy can be used to access positive attributes from previous incarnations and integrate them into your life as resources for the future.

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MediumIn Person

It was very interesting to discover a past life of mine where I met and ended a contract with a perpetually troublesome individual who I know in my current life. I gained an insight that can not be achieved in a conscious, everyday state and a sense of strengthened inner peace that all is well with my life on a greater level, as well as a remembrance to not react to more trivial matters. Relief of feeling more removed and less reactive – compared to feeling very upset with the aforementioned perpetually troublesome individual! Thank you Pauna for being so gentle and attentive.

 Nicole, London, UK

I explored more of myself and I am very grateful for all that I learned from it. I highly recommend having a Regression with Pauna. Approach it with an open mind and you will see beyond your limitations.

Radu, Glastonbury, UK

Amazing experience! I could go back to many past lives and find answers to things I could not have imagined possible. This was extremely important for me!

Daniel, Tulum, Mexico.

Pauna did Spirit Release/Clearing of my energy field which helped me release some heavy energies and thought-forms no longer serving me. I felt liberated and gained an amazing clarity of mind as a result. The anxiety I had previously vanished and I could get a good night’s sleep for the first time in ages! Thank you Pauna for the amazing work you do! I’d love to do it every week!

Arnold, Tulum, Mexico

I had a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Pauna and found it fascinating! A long journey entering first into my most recent past life than into the in-between realm, meeting guides, and soul groups. I received some confirmation and super helpful insights. I feel newly on track on my path with more power than before and integrating some changes in my life as a result. To be recommended! Thank you Pauna!

Anja Krueger, Glastonbury, UK


Past Life Regression Session

3 hours
3,700$ MXN


The therapy

She starts each session by scanning the auric field of the clients to clear any energies which do not belong to them. Then she will move to the hypnosis part where the client is guided through a visualization helping them relax and enter an altered state of consciousness. In this hypnagogic state, the brain operates on theta waves of frequency and they can access their subconscious mind where all the memories are stored of everything they have experienced in the past either in this life or as far back as a past life.

They are guided into one specific past life which they recollect in detail and re-experience events which might still have a negative influence on them in the present. It will help release the blocked emotions associated with the event and come to a place of understanding and acceptance. 

She holds a safe space for the person and guides them while they’re navigating through the soul memories in that past life and through the death point into the Spirit Realms where we all reside in the spirit in between incarnations. There they meet with their Spirit Guides and have a review of the life that has just ended discovering the main purpose of it and the lessons which had to be learned. Sometimes we also look at the contracts they have made in advance and change or destroy them accordingly. Often the souls of the people they were involved with in the past life are also present in their current life but play different roles. If that’s the case their relationship in the current life transforms positively as a result of the therapy.

Purpose + Benefits

Relief from current physical, mental, and emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, aches, and pains, etc.

Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life and reach forgiveness with yourself and others.

Release recurring limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns.

Understand relationships and free yourself from the weight of the past which results in love flowing more freely in your life.

Increase in self-esteem and self-worth.

A shift in perspective which leads to a more positive outlook.

Reconnection and reconciliation with loved ones from current and previous lives.

Dissolution of the fear of death and gaining a profound awareness of your immortality.

An opportunity for spiritual growth as the challenges in your life become viewed as lessons to learn and as stepping stones along your evolutionary soul journey.

Before therapy

Strictly no alcohol or drugs be it recreational or pharmaceutical.

Set an intent for the session.

Write down the questions you want to explore.

After therapy

Drink lots of liquids and rest to assist the healing process which continues after the session as well.

The Place

In Person

She does visits at client’s places in Tulum, Mexico.

She also has a beautiful studio 8 Km distance from Tulum Town, just in the middle of the jungle.

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