Do you want to maximize your peak performance state, live out your full potential, feel healthy and alive, and live with purpose, consciousness, and clarity?  For the past 17 years, Manex has guided consciousness, spiritual wisdom, genetic behavioural traits, individual health, and personalized guidance to bring optimized levels of functionality, understanding, and happiness to thousands of individuals worldwide. Using several modalities, Manex bridges indigenous winsome with high-level scientific knowledge to provide unprecedented levels of clarity and wisdom in personal, relationship, and business optimization.

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I never ever met someone like Manex. It is simply Life-Changing, it is authentic, it is real, it is direct to the point. To make you grow, to empower you, to set you free. And to fully understand what Manex does, and can bring to you, in your life, you have to see and recognize that it isn’t simply about “his work” it is a lifestyle. It is a way of living. Through the Human Design System, The Sphinx code tarot, Wisdom Quests, and the “crazy scientist heresies” Manex will guide you through a reconditioning process to finally get the chance to live as yourself.

Benjamin Torre

Working with Manex is like receiving a huge bear hug from the universe. There is something incredibly powerful and yet also gentle and patient in the way he delivers deep wisdom. At times it’s like he can see directly into your soul with piercing clarity and yet he always holds the noblest space. His work is all things accessible, loving, compassionate, impactful and actionable while being remarkably interspersed with humor and joy…

Elliott Coon

Working with Manex and especially going through the Wisdom Quest experience was more than a transformative experience. I had never before camped, let alone do a Vision Quest in nature. Every step leading up to the time on the mountain was beautifully orchestrated. Manex was a master at making us feel relaxed as he led us through challenges and initiations so that after each day we could not believe what we accomplished.

Stephanie Wang. Director of Evolver and x-CEO of Alchemist Kitchen


Private Optimization Session

90 minutes
13,000$ MXN


The therapy

Usually, in a series of 3, a personal session with Manex is deep and truly rewarding by bringing you clarity of who you are, how you function, and to discover your essential purpose in this life.

You gain incredible insight into your soul and what your current life’s teachings and gifts are meant to offer you and the world. We are all unique individuals living out an epic adventure, and through the different cycles, Manex leads you towards freedom, wisdom, and fuller creativity, joy, and abundance. Your perspective will most likely be challenged yet it will feel like you are coming home to your heart. With practical suggestions, as a personal session with Manex radically transforms you into alignment with your core peak potential that can manifest right now.

Manex integrates several advanced tools along with his clairvoyant gifts to bring massive clarity towards your unique patterns, cycles, and behaviours whether strong or weak. Describing your essence, your subconscious mind, and your energy mechanics teaches you how to make proper decisions that are aligned for you as well as activating your innate power, gift, and genius. Through a session with Manex, you can also learn how to heal most of your pain body, disease, or discords within you.

Get your reading and begin a journey of true self-discovery and start activating your peak performance to liberate your essence.

Purpose + Benefits

Know thyself and the rest will come.

Knowing your function, your wounds, your essence, and your mechanics is the key to living a successful life, reaching your true purpose, and offering the unique fit that you are to the world. Your life will be affected greatly and for a long time through the recorded session, with dynamite information about how you can achieve peak performance within your life.

Before therapy

Provide birthday date, time & place.

After therapy

Personalized suggestions of flower essence, meditations, essential oils, and unique creative expressions to unleash your power.

The Place


Online Sessions via Zoom.

Sessions are recorded and shared following the session.

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    Your soul’s journey

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


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    Beauty begins where perfection ends


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    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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