Meditation in movement.

Aqua healing is a deeply restorative and relaxing therapy allowing a transformational rebirth experience.

While floating in the pristine waters of the clear lagoon, you will take on a deep flowing journey into different states of consciousness. Here you release tension held in the muscles and joints, connect with primordial memories enabling emotional blocks to be released leaving a feeling of renewal and liberation.

AreaTransform - Love & Relationships
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MediumIn Person

The therapy

This healing experience in the water is a meditative journey where the therapist moves you, flowing with the water, as a dance, to enter a calming state of being.

Once floating in the water the therapist takes you through a gentle flowing dance of circular, spiral, and fetal movements symbolic of movements in the womb. In this weightless state, tension can be released held in the joints and space crates between the vertebra of the spine.

Aquatic techniques of Wastus, Janzu, Aguahara, Craniosacral, and Thai massage are used on this journey combined with the therapist’s personal healing techniques. This rebirth experience offers deep transformation aided the waters’ natural healing properties.

As the process unfolds the individual enters into a deep state of meditation, the mind becomes quiet, and old limiting patterns and emotions can be released and dissolved into the water, the element of our emotions.

Purpose + Benefits

The therapy connects the individual to their origin and time of birth, awakening memory cells. This allows the opportunity for the renewal of the cells through feelings of safety and stability healing birth traumas, water phobias, and cleansing the electromagnetic field.

Water is vital in life. Constantly moving in a cycle, it is the element where we can connect with our emotions. It has the great power to cleanse rapidly and profoundly, creating total clarity. In surrender and trust, going with the flow.

Treatment is beneficial for the physical body, while it concentrates on the nutrition of the energetic body, can offering guidance in connecting with one’s soul through a deep releasing technique that reinforces the feeling of trust and surrender.

Before therapy

Please eat healthily and lightly before the ceremony, no food 2 hours before the session.

Come well hydrated.

Please come with an open mind and open heart.

Bring a swimsuit, towel, bio sunblock, a T-shirt for the water.

After therapy

Rehydrate well after therapy.

Allow self-time alone to relax after the therapy and stay connected to nature.

Rest, integrate, move slowly to maintain internal awareness.

The Healer


Aquatic Therapist & Qi Flow Instructor

AreaHolistic Healing Experiences
Language(s)EN - SP
MediumIn Person
Meet healer

The Place

Private Lagoon

At private lagoon.

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