Reflexology is a treatment that works on the nervous system. It offers a wide range of healing benefits.

Sensitive and trained fingers can detect and unblock inflamed nerves in the feet, restoring electric flow to the neuronal component of all the major body parts.

This can have a healing effect on the corresponding body part as well as the nerves that are unblocked.

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Reflexology in Tulum

1 hour
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

We have parallel areas in the feet, they reflect the whole body like a mirror, and working on them can affect the whole body. 

Eva works on the nerves with detected inflammations and she can be unblocked them. The toxins – metabolites – trace elements stuck there are pushed out through the semi-permeable membranes so they can be eliminated or processed naturally. By relieving the blocks of the corresponding body part, the latter is freed up to work better energetically being an important part of its healing process. 

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose of reflexology is to help the energetic/electric health of any of the major parts of the body and body systems.

The benefits are very broad as most parts of the body can be helped energetically. Here there are a few:

– Releasing pain from trapped nerves throughout the spinal column

-Calming digestive issues especially surrounding inflammation issues

 -Liberating the lungs and airways

-Helping the central nervous system relax and calm the brain in states of anxiety, stress including many other psychological states

-Releasing oxytocin when pregnancy is an overdue date

-Relieving acute and chronic foot pain including plantar fasciitis

-Controlling pain in the gall bladder and kidneys

-Regulating low or high blood pressure balances the circulatory system

Before therapy

Eat lightly before treatment. 

No treatment is given if the client has thrombosis, gangrene, internal bleeding or fever, and other serious conditions.

After therapy

As with many complementary treatments reflexology helps induce an alpha state (a feeling of non-attachment and serenity).

It is recommended to take the rest of the day calm and relax. 

The Healer



AreaHealing Massage
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Meet healer

The Place

At Client's Place in Tulum

She does visits at client’s place in Tulum.

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