Universal Life Energy. The essence of life itself.

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Tapping with Chandree was truly amazing! This experience was life-changing and for me, it was instant relief of my issue. I very much appreciate the handouts and the instruction for re- massage on my own. Thank you so much Chandree, my shoulders are much lighter for my new journey! 


Chandree is a healer. She gives you the tools to use that you already have within you. She awakens your mind to heal any pain you have in your body. Very powerful!


Chandree was amazing, both the massage and the energy sound healing was exactly what I needed. It was powerful and oh so releasing, thank you so much! Much gratitude.

Thilout Lore

The therapy

In the Usui system of Reiki healing, contact is made with the Universal force, which then works automatically to heal people on all levels: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, unblocking and revitalizing their energy. 

Recipients will receive the Reiki energy while lying on a massage bed. The practitioner will gently lay his/her hands on the chakras and other areas of the body that need to be treated. 

This therapy is a full body treatment (front and back).

Purpose + Benefits

Reiki helps raise the level of one’s vitality for physical and mental health as well as enhance spiritual awareness. 

Ultimately Reiki brings the body into balance so it can heal itself.

Some of the benefits are: 

Rebalancing, deep relaxation, recharging and bringing clarity.

Before therapy

Do not drink alcohol or use drugs

Do not eat heavy meals before therapy

Do wear comfortable clothes

No oil is being used

After therapy

Listen to your body

Don’t rush back to activities or driving

Every person will experience it in a unique way

The Healer


Holistic Practitioner, Masotherapist & Reiki Master

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Meet healer

The Place

At Client's Place / Chandree's Place

Chandree has her own retreat house in an idyllic location, ideal for healing. Her home and private workspace reside in the peaceful and lush jungle of Pino Suarez.

She does visits at client’s place.

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


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    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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