Beata’s session will combinate tarot card divination, prophecy, shamanic healing, sound therapy, dialogue, visualization, mind-body counselling, and other earth-centred healing techniques.

AreaTransform - Love & Relationships
MediumOnline, In Person

I truly feel that your methods, your magic, your approach, and the soul journey you take me on are literally out of this world, therefore so powerful.

Melanie Pinto

Beautiful Beata, Thank you for being you and for all the great things you bring to this world and for those of us who just want more for ourselves. I truly respect all that you do – keep on doing your work. The world truly needs great change.

 Cassandra Campbell

Thank you for the amazing gift and for initiating a magical phase in my life of ‘Getting to know myself’. This awakening process, as you know, is not easy sometimes; but it is fundamental in giving us the strength to move away from all the labels we create in our lives. I’ll be forever grateful for everything you helped me with.

Gabriela Canto

Dearest Beata, thank you so much for loving ALL of me. Especially the parts that I was ashamed to show anyone else. I have never been so open with anyone before, and your deep compassion has taught me to accept and even love all of me!

Sophie Szymanski

The gift I received is truly immeasurable, and noticeable in my thoughts and actions already.

Claire Vannuccin


Shamanic Energy Medicine Session

1 hour
3,500$ MXN


The therapy

At the beginning of the session, through dialogue and intuitive awareness, she will help you identify what most needs your attention and expression at that time and what is currently being activated in your body, your life, and in your energetic field.

 She uses different techniques depending on your needs.

·      Shamanic clearing and extraction work

·      Prophecy

·      Tarot card divination

·      Aura reading and cleansing

·      Energetic healing and cord-cutting

·      Spiritual and shamanic journeywork

·      Ancestral Lineage Clearing

·      Soul Retrieval

·      Sound therapy – including drum, bell, voice and rattle work

·      Meditation and visualization techniques

·      Connection to the higher self and spiritual guidance

·      Mind-body counseling

·       Mind-body counseling

Purpose + Benefits

You may experience relief, joy, peace, excitement, or increased energy, to name a few possibilities. You may also experience slight fatigue as your energetic system upgrades and continues to release old energies.

This work is intended to elicit real and lasting change in your life. The real effects of the session can unfold over the following weeks or months.

Sometimes they are immediately obvious, while at other times the changes are of a more subtle nature.

Before therapy

Meditate and set a clear intention for our work together – what you want to receive clarity around, release, heal or transform in your life

After therapy

Nourishing yourself with lots of water, healthy food, quiet moments to reflect and time in nature supports the integration process.

Implementing suggested practices during our session together is vital to support you in creating long-lasting change in your life.

The Place

In Person/ Online

Online and in-person.

Beáta creates and facilitates bespoke private and group transformational retreats to take every aspect of your wellbeing and life to the next level. Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Australia, U.S, and Europe.

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    Your soul’s journey

    STAGE 01


    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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