In a shamanic healing session, you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into whatever aspect of your life feels out of balance or is otherwise calling to be attended. Together we will tune into the underlying energy of the presenting issues and track any energetic imbalances directly to one or several centres of your energy body. We will work with one or several stones, using shamanic breathing practices accompanied to help dislodge any dense energy that may have accumulated or otherwise may be held in one of your energy centres, meridians, or other parts of your energy field. We may also use a variety of accompanying shamanic tools and techniques such as chanting, drumming, rattling, etc. to lend more potency to the practices of shifting dense energy out of the body. While doing so, we will tune into the dense energy being released to discover the root cause of the imbalance. The resulting discovery is often best expressed in metaphorical terms, allowing deep insights to regain wellbeing and “wholeness” at a soul level. The session concludes with practical steps and a personal ritual to seal the energy alignment and imbue the new energetic balance with meaning.  

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“My experience with the Peruvian tradition transmitted by Christophe has been significant for me. These practices have revealed to me other dimensions of existence. The approach to this culture has led me to obtain both spiritual and material achievements.”

Guillermo A. México City

“Christophe accompanied me in each of my sessions to strengthen my emotions and my spirit to get rid of bad emotions, habits, and unnecessary vices such as tobacco and junk food.”

Marco M. Mexico City.

“I loved the way he combined personal coaching with Andean medicine… I can say that the gentle and objective guidance I received from Christophe helped me a lot to recover my balance.”

Mónica R. Hamilton, ON

“Having been able to work with Chris on my personal healing allowed me to get to know another paradigm of ‘medicine and healing’ different from what I was used to by my profession as a doctor. This is a result to be able to heal, transform, and transmute karmic patterns that limited the expansion of my consciousness as a light being; for which I will be eternally grateful to Chris.”

Alejandra L. BA, Argentina. 

“I began to attend several of his activities, in which he has taught me and accompanied me, with ancestral tools, in the work of internal and external connection. These teachings have been very relevant in the awareness, balance, and clarity of my daily life. And a watershed in the process of healing and self-knowledge.”

Beatriz P. Mexico City.


Shamanic Healing – Visionary Coaching

90 minutes
3,200$ MXN


The therapy

The session unfolds in five phases. First, we will connect to the energies of Nature and spirit guides who may assist in energetic balancing which will take place. Then, we will engage in an exploratory conversation, sometimes with the aid of tools such as mythic storytelling, a guided meditation, etc. to activate the energy of the issues that are present in everyday life and feel representative of an underlying imbalance, wound, etc. The third step is to then track the underlying energetic “signature” of these imbalances back to imbalances within the energy body to know where the intervention needs to occur. The fourth step entails shifting the energy within the person’s energy body to restore balance. This may require a variety of alignment, extraction, harmonization, and other techniques to ensure the energy body releases all the associated dense energy, however deeply–and unconsciously–it may be held. Finally, upon restoring balance to the energy body, it is imperative to integrate the work at the conscious level through a symbolic act, ritual, or other metaphorical representation that lends significance to the energy work which has unfolded.   

Purpose + Benefits

The purpose of shamanic healing is to restore balance and reconnect at a soul level, to express our deepest and most authentic self.

You will gain greater self-awareness and stimulate consciousness by discovering and shifting limiting beliefs, old wounds, emotional charges, and other counterproductive elements which you may have held for a long time, without realizing it and without knowing where they came from. 

Shamanic healing is therefore both a path to conscious self-discovery and deep soul-level reconnection.  

Before therapy

Wear comfortable clothes and easy-to-remove footwear.

Eat lightly and stay well hydrated before your session.

Bring a stone; for all sessions via videoconferencing, please also bring a candle (a small candle is fine).

You may choose to bring a pen and notebook, to write down any messages or insights that may be forthcoming during the session.

After therapy

Please carry out the symbolic act, ritual, altar, or other significant action during the session.

Stay hydrated.

If possible, take a salt bath or warm shower before going to bed in the evening.

Notice how you feel physically: often people feel tired after a session and may feel like taking a nap or going to bed earlier than usual; this sensation may last a couple of days.

Be aware of your emotional state: many people report feeling more sensitive in the aftermath of a session as the emotional body adjusts to the energy alignment that occurred during the session.

The Place


Remote session via Zoom or Skype

Sessions are recorded and shared following the session.

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