Find infinite gifts from reconnecting to the uterus and, listening to it allows us to heal.

The abdomen is a powerhouse of emotions, for many women, there is also trauma stored in the body, from sexuality, or other different causes. Sobada Maya is an ancestral healing technique that helps to cleanse, improve fertility and women’s health, unblock emotions and, deepen the connection to the body. Incredibly deep massage with a lasting effect on your digestive system and reproductive organs, creating a great sense of well-being.


AreaTransform - Health & Well-being
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Fertility improvement with Sobada Maya

1 hour
3,000$ MXN


The therapy

The Sobada Maya is a Pre-Hispanic ancestral healing technique, aimed at the readjustment of the abdomen and reproductive organs, as well as the activation of the 13 joints representing the 13 lunar cycles.

The focus is the navel region as the “Energy Power Center”, representing the great central Sun and our connection with Mother Earth. Additionally, the technique involves reading the body’s energy flow, discovering blockages, and working to open channels for healing. It is a gentle, non-invasive technique that manipulates abdominal organs in order to correct their position.

It is used specifically for women looking to improve their fertility and, after giving birth, to help the uterus contract back to its original position. It is also used for preventing issues associated with women’s health and reproductive organs. 

Mayan midwives or midwives perform this massage.

Purpose + Benefits

The Sobada Maya is deep manipulation of the abdomen that helps correct the position of the organs and promotes better blood flow, lymph, energy in the area, thus consequently providing relief from menstrual cramps, endometriosis, fibroids and other conditions that involve reproductive and digestive health.

It is a highly effective healing modality that is used for many different pathologies and brings balance back to the body, in a physical, emotional, and energetic way. Readjustment of the abdominal and reproductive organs. Great sense of well-being. Increase fertility. As many emotional blockages stored in the vagina, releasing all these energies gives you a feeling of release and freedom.

Before therapy

Don’t eat at least 3 hours before treatment.

Make sure you are hydrated.

Use the restroom before the therapy 

Be open to the experience 

After therapy

Relax and don’t exercise or any activities that require effort. 

Drink a lot of water

Allow the therapy to work internally without judging or analyzing the immediate outcome.

As many emotional blocks store in the vagina, at the time to release them, you can experience feelings and dreams.

The Place

At Client's Place

She does visits at client’s place.

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