It’s an individual sound massage. 

The bowls place strategically along the body. Rene starts activating them by sound vibration, chakras, and energy channels of the body start balancing. The whole body adopts a deep state of relaxation and in that state is when the body begins to heal.

It is a deep therapy that works on different levels of the body: physical, emotional, subtle, and molecular. 

AreaTransform - Healing Massage
Language(s)EN - ES
MediumIn Person


Sound Massage with Tibetan Bowls

1 hour
3,500$ MXN


The therapy

It is deep sound therapy. You will lie down on a massage bed and Rene will start to tune with you in the same frequency through pranayamas and aromatherapy meanwhile he will place the bowls along the body. He works with mindfulness, channelling the person’s energy and bringing consciousness to the present moment.

Because of his technical background, Rene has a profound understanding of how sound waves work: what kind of colour, duration, and tones. In his channelling, he knows how to create the specific sound waves that each person needs to balance and harmonize their bodies. 

“Everything around me is music, the universe is made of music, everything we perceive, see, smell, feel … is music”

Purpose + Benefits

It works at different levels from the physical body, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This therapy is customized to treat injuries, digestive problems, low back pain, sciatica, decrease stress, strengthen the immune system, sleep problems, regulate heart pressure, deflate cells, and release endorphins, among others.

The therapy works with mental oscillations, taking them to theta and delta states, which are states of deep meditation where we can reach higher states of consciousness.

Before therapy

Hydrate well.

Come with an open mind, open heart, and a positive mentality.

Please remove jewellery, metal and piercings.

Allow yourself to be open to the experience without expectations.

Eat a light meal before the session.

After therapy

Drink at least two litres of water.

Allow yourself time to relax and connect to your inner wisdom in nature.

Swimming in the sea or cenote will help you connect further with the practice.

Avoid loud noises, alcohol, drugs, and crowds.

Allow yourself to feel everything that comes out without judgment and attachment

The Place

At Client's Place

He does visits at client’s place.

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