Imagine being able to access answers like what is my karma?; why did my soul choose my parents?; what are the patterns I repeat in my relationships?; what is my life’s purpose? … now it is possible to answer all these questions and many others with this sophisticated technology. 

The Sphinx Code is a wisdom system that reveals unique personal subconscious archetypal print created by Manex, helping to reveal insightful information that can help transform individual lives through clarity.

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I had the privilege of having a Sphinx Code Reading with Jade, it was so enlightening and so precise that it was revealing in many ways, as she gave me tools and insight to go deeper into many aspects that came at a perfect time!! Thank you dearest Jade for sharing your talent and your amazing wisdom! It truly is healing!!

Marcela Pérez

This brought light into my life, by giving me a broader perspective of the wideness of my own self, with all its implications, gifts and patterns

Ximena Irish’ Stephenson 

Deep and a real understanding of why or from where certain “personal” limiting beliefs came from, made me realize the huge impact of the conditioning I’ve received in my life, or the karma I came into this world with.



Sphinx Code Reading

2 hours
5,500$ MXN


The therapy

Sphinx Code system fuses ancient wisdom through archetypes, using an algorithm that combines birth dates and numerology with the ancient language of the Tarot’s 22 major Arcana and interpretations using the wisdom of the legendary Hermetic Emerald Tablets as well as Kabbala.

The ancient wisdom of the Sphinx Code puts words and powerful images on truths that people often sense about themselves but cannot see nor formulate. It is a tool that can be used throughout your life to fully understand and transcend your shadows, as well as realize and expand your innate gifts, thus expressing your full potential.

A Sphinx Code reading consists of the detailed explanation of the personal Sphinx Code Chart with their ancient meaning and powerful subconscious influence, to reveal a person’s psycho-emotional structure.

The system identifies a person’s inner essence, her/his feminine (or intimate), and masculine (or external) energy, her/his ego-personality as well as the mother’s, father’s, and environment’s influence on her/him and the resulting psycho-emotional wounds. 

A person’s Sphinx Code chart is fixed, much as an astral chart: it does not change over time, but rather each person expresses its different aspects and potentials throughout his/her life.

Initial reading is called “Surface Reading”. It takes each person through their chart, introducing both the exalted and detrimental aspects of each archetype, as well as its meaning and implications in the position that it is in. As we go through all 16 cards of your chart, we identify your psycho-emotional patterns, with a particular focus on your transcendental path, which is key to overcoming your wounds and transcending your shadow aspects, thus empowering your gifts, by getting in alignment with your complete chart.

This initial session conveys a huge amount of information, both through channelling and direct, unconscious influence of each archetype and its powerful symbols. It is highly recommended people can re-listen to their recording periodically. The aim is to truly integrate this profound knowledge to your ordinary consciousness: to identify and understand your patterns, attitudes, and reactions in everyday situations. This first reading gives you specific, practical tools that you can start putting into effect right away to get in alignment with yourself.

If you truly decide to apply this system to your life, subsequent readings allow us to go much deeper into different areas of your nature: the wounding related to your parents and how it can be transcended; your patterns within your intimate dealings in relationships and within your family; your patterns, hooks, and gifts in professional and social settings; your specific triggers, strong points, and signals that you are going into your shadows; the practical ways in which you can foster and strengthen your gifts and light aspects in everyday life, and more.

Purpose + Benefits

The Sphinx Code can truly be a life-changing tool. The first session generally brings great insights and realizations about yourself and your life and can be a powerful and empowering experience. Yet, it is intended to be a starting point to truly accept yourself and identify what your unique potential is so that you can fully express it.

Before therapy

Provide your birthday date. 

There is no specific recommendation previous to the session. If you have a meditation practice, you might want to meditate beforehand so that you are clearheaded and centred, but it is not indispensable.

Time for the session should be set apart, with no interruptions nor distractions.

After therapy

I recommend that you take time to think about everything that was said during the session and to listen to the recording that I provide, since there usually are quite a few points that are not fully understood or even remembered, due to the amount of information that is transmitted. Ideally, start practising the recommendations extracted from your chart, particularly your transcendental path, immediately, and see the effects in your life!

The Place

In person/ Online

She does visits in Tulum.

Remote session via Zoom or Skype

All readings are recorded and shared following the session.

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