Personal coaching on introduction to energetic lovemaking, orgasmic breath and self-love practice.

AreaTransform - Love & Relationships
Language(s)EN - ES
MediumOnline, In Person

Bibi led an incredibly illuminating and inspiring talk about sacred sexuality at WOOM CENTER, NYC. I was delighted to discover the amount of profound knowledge I ended up walking away with.

Elian Zach. Founder Woom Center, NY

Bibi took control of the crowd and brought us through a journey & exploration of what it means to really connect to our partner and connect to our own sexuality.

Matthew Sherman. CEO & Founder of Jugofresh, Miami

Bibi is able to communicate a complex and misunderstood topic, conscious (tantric) sex, in an engaging and relaxed way.

Myk Likhov. Founder Modern ŌM, Miami 

The energetic lovemaking session with Bibi, was transformative for my partner and I.

Olivia H., LA


Self-Love For Awakening & Manifestation (Tantra)

4 hours
6,000$ MXN


The therapy

Orgasmic and blissful states can be experienced on our own and can help us attract the partner we want.

In the session, we learn how to access the sexual energy within and how to consciously direct it.

We will learn self-pleasure practice that can be also used for becoming radiant and manifesting the life we want.

2 hours previous video preparation + 2 hours practice session in person
To optimize your time in Tulum and take the most out of the session, you will be asked to watch 2 hours theory video, which explains all the concepts that will be deepened during the practice. You can do this at your convenience even before arriving at Tulum.
You will meet Bibi for 2 hours practice session, which starts with addressing your questions in regards to the video, as well as your unique challenges and desires. Secondly, Bibi guides you through the practice “Circle of Light Ritual”,  which facilitates accessing sexual energy, moving it and exchanging it between partners, allowing reaching new depths of connection and intimacy.

Purpose + Benefits

Assisting in creating personal conscious sexuality path.

Providing self-love and self-pleasure practices.

Becoming multi-orgasmic being with or without a partner.

Awakening sexual energy and channelling it to manifest the life we desire.

Using sexual energy for manifestation and creativity.

Before therapy

No alcohol nor drugs at least 3 hours prior to the session.

Eat light or no food 2 hours before the session.

After therapy

Allow time and space for integration and lovemaking.

The Place

Aldea Zama & At Client's Place/ Online Sessions

Morrocan-gypsy-chic small penthouse in Aldea Zama.

She does visits at client’s place.

Online sessions via Zoom.



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