Taking the soul to his original and magnificent condition. (Release – heal – balance).

Edemir can scan people and see and perceive the different dimensions of their energy field. 

We all have a connection to the universe, and his gift is to be able to see that connection. His work is based on reconnecting the person with the source, which is the energy of the universe and its spiritual guides. 

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We’ve been back from an incredible journey just one week now and to my delight, it’s all still holding! I am experiencing a sense of peace and joy that I have not known before. Perhaps I knew it is a young child, but the memory does not compare with the reality of how I am experiencing life now. What a gift! I still well up with tears of appreciation and gratitude.


There is no doubt that Edemir had a very special effect on each of us. As you know, our entire family experience his healing. He was very powerful and, at the same time incredibly subtle. I know I felt very different, clearer, recharger, lighter, nimbler, and less aware of the aches and pains after his touch. We love the experience, we loved him.


My first impression of him was a very pure man and tremendous heart who’s done his work so that he can be a very clear channel. I’ve worked with psychic healers before, and not at all of them have this same pure quality about them. His work is not contaminated by his personality, and when I’m his presence have my own experiences of purity, of being open to pure love in my heart. He’s changed my life.



The Healing Power of Cosmic Energy

90 minutes
3,500$ MXN


The therapy

Edemir’s work consists of aligning one’s energies with those of the universe. He starts the session with an initial conversation, where the client explains what is happening to him and what are the important concerns they want to work on. 

At the moment of the conversation, Edemir starts to scan the person’s body, first the physical body, if there are physical blockages derived from some illness. Then the emotional body and its belief system. And then, he goes into the energy body and sees how the energy flows in the person and what he or she needs to do to align their energy. After the cosmic alignment with the earth and the universe, it goes on to look at past lives to organize them and break pacts that may be blocking this current life. Once the person is aligned, they contact their spirit guides and angels. If they are not connected, Edemir helps to establish this reconnection and start feeling their energies of help and support. He also gets in touch with the Master Guide who is in charge of the person. Then, Edemir moves on to the person’s relationships, how they are influencing the present moment, and knowing who is and who is not. It ends with a scan in terms of space-time, present and past (clearing any related traumas in the current moment), and future to connect with the flow of it and see if there might be any obstacles that block it. 

This is an alignment and reconnection on all levels.

During the session, Edemir receives a lot of information from the people to heal them. 

Edemir ends his sessions by giving a very practical and simple guide to her patients that they can implement in their daily lives.

Purpose + Benefits

The benefits are immense: 

From opening the way to love and professional relationships; Providing directions for the future; Helping with physical, emotional, or mental problems such as depression, anxiety, or stress. If the person suffers from a crisis and does not know what to do with his/her life, Edemir knows how to remove the blockages that prevent him/her from crossing over to the other side of the threshold. 

The session helps you to awake spiritually through meditations. He guides several groups that meditate with specific techniques that he has uniquely created to assist them in their process of conscious awakening. “In this process, I have seen how many people have developed their gifts, talents, and intuition” – Edemir mentions. 

Awakening intuition is of utmost importance. Intuition serves for everything. It is the guide that tells you what to do next. Receive and listen to the signals to make conscious decisions, as well as being able to scan your own body. These are precise spiritual technologies. If you apply them you will have very specific answers for each situation. They are very simple and easy systems to apply and obtain effective results.  And finally, it also helps to discover the powers within you. 

Being aligned, more energetic, more alive, and with a direction that helps you sort out all the important aspects of your life. 

Before therapy

Let God and the Universe take care of you.

After therapy

Live life in full potency, in joy and ecstasy.

Let nature intelligence leads you.

Let nature intuition be your guide.

The Place


Online sessions via Zoom.

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