Traditional Thai Massage combines stretching, massaging and rhythmic pressure to clear energy blockages, release tension and create a strong flow of energy around the body.

Txell’s passion for Thai massage, her knowledge of other massage techniques combined with her intuitive touch gives her a sense of where the body needs attention.

AreaHealing Massage
Language(s)EN - ES
MediumIn Person

The therapy

Before the therapy, there will be a short consultation to determine what the needs of the client are, what type of job they have and personal factors influencing the body.

The therapy begins by engaging in a deep abdominal breath to aid relaxation and move the client into the body and a meditative trance.

The therapy runs from feet to head, beginning with the feet this is Txell’s map of the body. She can get a feel for how the body is and connect with her client’s inner state.

 She can get a feel for how the body is and connect with her clients’ inner state. The feet are connected to our first chakra and hold us up, this root chakra also affects the legs, back and spine.

Txell follows the energy channels or nadis working on the energy lines and deeply stretching the body, unlocking joints and creating space for blocks to be released and energy to move.

The massage finishes with the head, holding in a supportive way enabling you to let go. The mind quietens and a sense of inner peace and equilibrium is experienced.

She allows time for integration and to just be in this deeply relaxed state. 

Purpose + Benefits

Releasing physical and emotional stresses brings about a feeling of deep relaxation, release and rejuvenation. 

Removes stagnant energy allowing the body to heal itself. 

Before therapy

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Avoid eating 2 hours before therapy.

After therapy

Drink lots of water.

Take time to rest and reflect on the therapy.

The Place

At client's place/ Her own place.

She does visit at client’s place. She has a beautiful harmonious place in Tulum town.

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