The reading will help you unlock limiting patterns, be aligned with your life’s purpose, and manifest consciously a life in fullness.

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First of all, Palmistry gave me a lot of guidance as to what I should improve and what gifts I have to develop. I was surprised by the accuracy of the reading and I highlight the permanent training and dedication of Karina and Gaston. Super recommendable, it is a before and after!

Paula Mara

The Vedic birth chart helped me to become aware of my mission in life (Dharma); to connect with my profession; to be able to know myself or to meet again with my being, my essence, and above all to have tools to face my moments of density from a learning perspective because that is what life is all about… My life was a before and after since I received the information, eternally grateful! 

Juan Cruz

Vedic Astrology provided me with information about my gifts, both positive and negative, helped me orient and direct my life, and in the Palmistry session, we connected with very relevant information. Both Gaston and Karina are 100% recommended!

Milena Araujo

I had a Vedic astrology session and I am super grateful for the report and the dedication in explaining the whole present cycle and also for the answers to my concerns in many of the aspects. It served me and continues to serve me very well for my knowledge and also to have a vision of what are the trends and most beneficial moments to make decisions. It told me what I couldn’t see about myself and the repetitive patterns that limit me and make me stagnate. Thank you very much! 

Maria Eugenia


Vedic Astrology Dharma & Karma Reading Online

90 minutes
2,500$ MXN


The therapy

The reading will provide you with vast information about how planets were aligned at the time of being born. Also a deep understanding of your life purpose: who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts, talents, your karma and dharma, your family, relationships and profession.

The reading also will provide you with the cycle of life you live in at this moment (your solar return) as well as its challenges and opportunities you are facing to flow in harmony. 

Besides, knowing your Vedic birth chart information and your current life cycle expands your self-knowledge and transforms the way you perceive reality.

Purpose + Benefits

Develop your gifts and skills (positive karma).

Transcend your limiting repetitive patterns (negative karma).

Promote experiences in your daily life and processes of change in connection with the purpose of your existence (dharma).

Concentrate your energy on the present, knowing the most relevant aspects of the trend of your current life cycle.  

Before therapy

You need to send the date, time, and place of birth in advance.

Write a series of questions you want to focus on, as well as your intention for the reading.

After therapy

Take notes.

Integrate information. 

Listen again. You will find new insights. 

The Place


Remote session via Zoom or Skype

All readings are recorded and shared following the session.



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