Yohanna supports clients through individualised food and lifestyle changes, through a wellness program tailored to their needs.

AreaPersonal Wellness Development
Language(s)EN - SV
MediumOnline, In Person

Yohanna’s health coaching sessions has helped me enormously. She has a non-judgemental character … She is both holistic and intelligent. Through her session I have learned how to find more balance into my life and useful tool to maintain it.

Genevieve Ogilvie-lee

Yohanna has a very wholesome view on how to be healthy and happy at the same time … she has deep knowledge about nutrition. She is trying to find a solution for you that is tailored for the specific needs and wishes that you have. Working with her made it so much easier for me to work towards a more balanced lifestyle! 

Maja H.

Yohanna has such a healing presence. I walked into my private yoga session with her feeling disconnected from my body, fatigued, and just generally “off” physically. Within 15 minutes I felt my vitality and life force returning …

Rebeca R.

Yohanna is a loving and kind person. She puts a lot of effort and energy into her yoga classes and you can feel this … she adjusts me into the correct position which helps me to grow and get better at my practice.

Vanessa Fischer

Yohanna’s yoga class is a beautiful experience. Yohanna gently guides you through a powerful yoga practice, but the class is more than just yoga. Her calm and grounded presence puts you at ease and creates a safe place for practice … Yohanna’s class is one that I will never forget. I am grateful for her teachings.

Miranda Brna


Women’s Wellness Coaching

90 minutes
3,800$ MXN


The therapy

Yohanna offers private coaching as one-on-one sessions.

Do you feel stressed and anxious? Poor sleep and sensitive digestion? Lost yourself and struggle with low self-esteem?

Many ambitious women face challenges to find balance within their stressful lifestyles and struggle to keep up with career, social life, family and travel while having time for self-care and healthy routines. You are ready to show up by courageously identifying what isn’t working and replacing it with a sustainable lifestyle rooted in mind-body-spirit wellness.

Yohanna’s approach is holistic and centres on the whole you. You will cover topics such as your relationships, career, exercise and spirituality; and second, you will assess your diet. Her coaching facilitates a safe space for healing, self-discovery and transformation towards clarity, confidence and personal growth. Providing you with the skills to maintain balance throughout your life’s journey.

Sessions can be online or in person.

Purpose + Benefits

Yohanna believes in holistic health and wellness. Her approach is the balance between mind, body and soul.

Yohanna specializes in guiding ambitious women to explore mindful living and how to pursue their dreams while staying balanced and healthy.


Life purpose clarity

Genuine self-love

Healthy relationships

Stress management tools

Daily mindfulness exercises

Individualized nutritional guidance

Empowered energy

The Healer


Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

Language(s)EN - SV
MediumIn Person/Online
Meet healer

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