"The cosmovision is the ancestral knowledge we all carry within and that flows through the energy of our own being. Everything in the Universe is also inside us."


Mayan Healer & Spiritual Guide

Avelino is an experienced healer and Mayan Wiseman. He is also a lecturer and TED speaker. He is a key member of Tulum’s spiritual community. He meets and heals more than a thousand people every year.

Avelino is connected to the Universe and channels his healing energy through his hands. He sees, feels and hears everything going on with his patients. 

He possesses unlimited healing therapies and resources, which he applies depending on the specific needs of each patient.

Language(s)EN - SP - MAYA
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Trauma Release – Mayan Shamanic Healing


3,200$ MXN


Avelino is one of the most powerful healers i’ve ever known… i am blessed to call him my friend! I love you my brother! 


Thank you Avelino for healing my soul.


Thank you Avelino for sharing your knowledge with us and for helping us continue to follow our path, with love and not with fear!


I met Avelino in Quintana Roo years back and people now fly from all over the world to receive his medicine. If you haven’t heard his TEDx Tulum presentation please do it, it shines. We will be collaborating again in 2019 for a Synergy Training in Tulum. This brother has healed tons of people that I’ve brought his way.


Avelino's Story

Avelino is a Mayan healer who has developed the gifts of healing at an early age. He was born in the small village of Tixcocob, in Yucatán, Mexico. Until he was five, he lived in the middle of the jungle where he learnt the language of the animals and the properties of the plants.

Avelino comes from a healer lineage. He is a direct Mayan descendant and follows the healing practices passed on to him by his ancestors. His grandfather used to work with the energy of the plants and his grandmother was a “huesera” (traditional bonesetter).

“Through lucid dreams, they taught me”.

He is an attentive observer and always willing to learn and share his experiences. He has love and respect for all divine forces, which he channels and catalyzes with the help of Mayan herbal knowledge.

“Being open to the consciousness can guide you towards the destination you ought to follow. This mystical aspect is what I sometimes do not understand, but I know it exists.”

His practice includes the interactive self-healing therapy  “Learn to Heal”, the unlock of meridian therapy as well as bones, muscles and tendons settling.

Avelino specializes in unlocking the body and the emotional balance, while also releasing memories and feelings that keep you from being happy. He is an expert in Mayan medicinal herbs and their uses for healing, especially in the Renaissance and Purification therapy.


“I love what I do. My job brings me immense personal fulfilment and satisfaction. My purpose is to teach people about their potential. When I am working with others, I can feel the divine energy.

I want to help people live differently, guide them to break bad habits and connect to their inner light.”

Training + Certifications

When he was very young, Avelino lost his brother. This difficult experience made him wonder why young people die. The Universe brought an answer to him: “because they do not have time to take care of themselves”.

Since then, the doors of his consciousness and memory opened and he started remembering everything he had learnt from his grandmother when he was a child. “I learnt everything through lucid dreams and from my spiritual guides, masters and all the natural elements. Every day a learn more from my patients.”

The Place

Wellness Centre in the jungle

A unique holistic community set in the middle of the Mayan Jungle. There, sunlight floods the place with subtle rays of grounding energy filtered through the trees’ leaves while birds musicalize the atmosphere. Energy flows like water.

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