Chandree is a holistic healer, teacher, channel, spiritual guide and facilitator.

She has vast knowledge in healing arts, which she has been learning from important masters around the globe. 

She knows what your needs are. She combines different techniques in her therapies, giving you tools to heal yourself.

AreaHolistic Healing
Language(s)EN - SP - IT
MediumIn Person


Revitalise The Energy


2,500$ MXN


EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Therapy


2,500$ MXN


Tapping with Chandree was truly amazing! This experience was life-changing and for me, it was instant relief of my issue. I very much appreciate the handouts and the instruction for re- massage on my own. Thank you so much Chandree, my shoulders are much lighter for my new journey! 


Chandree is a healer. She gives you the tools to use that you already have within you. She awakens your mind to heal any pain you have in your body. Very powerful!


Chandree was amazing, both the massage and the energy sound healing was exactly what I needed. It was powerful and oh so releasing, thank you so much! Much gratitude.

Thilout Lore

Chandree's Story

Chandree was born in Sicily, Italy in 1961 and she has dedicated her life to travelling and healing.

Her journey started with healing her own wounds and traumas. She wouldn’t settle down until she found her mission. 

In Poone, at the Osho Commune, she experienced the Osho active meditation, explored her past life through hypnosis, rebirthing and the flower essences of the Buddha-field.

In 1993 she became a Reiki master in Halle, Germany.

She moved to Tulum in 1997, Mexico and since then she continued practising the healing arts.

She works in a yoga retreat in Tulum beach and lives in the peaceful and lush jungle of Pino Suarez, 20 km north of Tulum.


Her approach is holistic, aimed at helping people heal. She enables effective and easy healing tools to empower others.

She believes that our beliefs and emotions shape our biology.

Training + Certifications

Flower Essences of the Buddhafield, Poone, India. 1993.

Reiki I. Halle, Germany, Thomas Jahncke. 1994. 

Reiki II. Hamburg, Simone Schultz and Ralph Kruse. 1995. 

Reiki III. Hamburg, Simone Schultz and Ralph Kruse. 1995.    

Reiki Master and Teacher. Hamburg, Simone Schultz and Ralph Kruse. 1996.

Integral detox and thalassotherapy. Tulum, Quintana Roo. Mexico. 2004.

Holistic massage course. 3 weeks. Tulum, Quintana Roo. Mexico. 2004.

Medicinal herb degree. 3 years. CEDEHC. Universidad Autónoma de Estado de Morelos. Mexico. 2005.

Reflexology, theory and practice. Xavier Peralta C. Tulum, Quintana Roo. Mexico. 2006.

Chinese traditional medicine, theory and practice. 524 hours. Cancun. Mexico. 2003-2006.

Energetic massage course, theory and practice. 234 hours. Academia Spyros Root. Cancun. Mexico. 2006-2008.

EFT Level I. Tito Fiacro Alafitta. Cancun. Mexico. 2010.

EFT Level II. David MacKay. Cancun. Mexico. 2010. 

EFT Level III. David MacKay. Chapala, Jalisco. Mexico. 2011.

Energetic psychology Level I. Barbara Stone and Kristin Holthuis. Mexico City. Mexico. 2011.

Matrix Reimprinting. David MacKay. Mexico City. Mexico. 2012.

Rhythmic Movement Training. Level I. Cancun. Mexico. 2012. 

PNL course. Pablo Fabian Guadarrama Gonzales. Playa del carmen. Mexico. 2013. 

Life Beyond Fear using Matrix Reimprinting with EFT. Ted Wilmont. Stratford upon Avon. UK. 2013.

Face and body care course. ICAT. Tulum. Mexico. 2014. 

TFT-ALG. Thought Field Therapy-Algorithms. Dra. Kristin Holthuis. Cholula. Mexico. 2015.

EFT Systemic. David MacKay. Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico. 2016.

Factor CS10 with EFT. Laura Mazza Gonick. Quito. Ecuador. 2018. 

The Place

At Client's Place / Chandree's place

She does visits at client's place. Her retreat house sits on an idyllic location in the peaceful and lush jungle of Pino Suarez. It is ideal place for healing.

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