“I consider my medicine only a channel for your own healing. I use tools from the earth like crystals, instrument frequencies, oils and power plants combined in Alchemy to access higher levels of consciousness and shift our perspective into a state of inner peace, trust and surrender”


Crystal, Channeler & Alchemist

Each healing session is through an unconditional offering of presence.

Zohar helps you to discover your true essence, and the root of your blockages, to forgive and let go of what no longer serves you, and to empower yourself as you have congruency in your thoughts, words and actions. A session becomes an awakening experience into all the energy we can cleanse to bring space for new beginnings. 

“As I heal you, I heal myself, As I heal myself, I heal the world. We are one”

AreaMexican Medicine
Language(s)EN - SP - HE
MediumIn Person

Crystal Chakra Alignment and Vision Channeling

Chakras Balance Therapy


3,000$ MXN


Cacao Ceremony

Ancestral Mexican Medicine


3,000$ MXN


Zohar's Story

Zohar is a curious wanderer in service to channel remembrance and light. 

Born in Mexico City. Her ancestors come from Turkey, Israel, Poland, and Spain, and somewhere along a vision quest, they found the magical lands of Mexico to create a life. 

Since she was little, she had very open psychic channels and lucid dreams.

She grew up in Mexico, moved to Israel when she was 17, then moved to Los Angeles and New York to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. She then had a Vision Quest in Oaxaca to have a Shamanic initiation with a traditional “curandera” that carried the wisdom of her ancestors, where she studied power plants and herbalism, the energy and medicine of crystals and other alternative medicine wisdom and energetic healing. 

Zohar now lives in the Sian Kaa’n Biosphere of Tulum. It’s been more than 5 years of her spiritual awakening and empowering her mission on this planet and she now dedicates herself fully to service in the medicine path of ascension. 


My focus is an Alchemy of mind, body, and spirit. 

Through your body, you will connect to the sensations and vibrations of healing and removing blockages. Through your mind, you will learn to master your thoughts and become present. Through your spirit, we will cleanse and purify to connect you to the voice of intuition and walk your path with full trust. 

Remembering you have a choice of choosing the enlightening perceptions for everything that happens to you. 

I believe that we are all alchemists of our dreams so, in each healing process, we explore the connection to different elements such as herbs, crystals, and other wonderful gifts from nature that are guided to connect and use to our higher self.

Training + Certifications

Dreams interpretation course. Integrative Psychotherapy Institute. Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. 2018.

Diploma in Holistic & alternative medicine & healing methods. Zipolite, Oaxaca. Mexico. 2017.

Herbalist and traditional medicine course. Zipolite, Oaxaca. Mexico. 2017.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, International Certification with Karen and Sean Conley. Endorsed by Yoga Alliance. 200 hrs. Alajuela, Costa Rica. 2015.

Yoga specialized into meditation, sequences, physiology, and adjustments with Karen Conley. Playa Nosara, Costa Rica. 2014.

BFA in Performing Arts & Dance. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) Campus Manhattan, NY y Hollywood, LA. 2012-2014.

The Place

Zohar's healing house in Sian Kaan

Zohar's healing nest is located in the Sian Kaa'n Reserve in Tulum where the ocean meets the jungle, a medicine house where she gathers several events, and holistic activities, power plants, and cacao ceremonies and therapies specially designed to connect mind, body, and spirit. Her medicine house project grows to receive guests and share the magic of this place where simplicity, honesty, and respect for nature are an essential part of the project's values.

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