Diana is an empathic and highly intuitive multidimensional energy healer, medicine woman and integrative therapist.

Diana curates and facilitates transformational holistic experiences.

She is a Spiritual Coach who gently holds and aids in you in your process of self -transformation.  

AreaHolistic Healing Experiences
Language(s)EN - SP
MediumIn Person

Aquatic Healing Therapy (Janzu)

Water Massage. Meditation in movement.


3,700$ MXN


Diana's Story

Diana began her spiritual journey in 2009. She took several Yoga teacher trainings in different lineages including Anusara Hatha Yoga, Sivananda and Parinaama Yoga to treat addictions.

Diana has extensively studied Qigong, subtle energy flow and has developed her own Qiflow activation. She combines martial arts, Qigong yoga and Thai Chi. She incorporates these teachings into her healing therapies in and out of the water.

Diana met her beloved husband Juan after embarking on these trainings. Her shamanic initiation training with Juan lasted 8 years. She learnt Native American, Mayan and South American healing wisdom and practices. 

Together Juan and Diana took multiple aquatic therapy training’s. They now have over 10 years experience treating couples and individuals in the water integrating wastus, janzu, aguahara, cranio sacral and thai massage with their own personal healing techniques. This rebirth experience offers deep transformation aided the waters natural healing properties.


Diana’s mission is to learn, share and educate. She is a healing instrument, creating and holding space for a complete process of transformation and healing, through direct experiences of birth and rebirth.

Diana is a member of the Ancestral Healing Alliance and director of her own healing experiences. Her mission is to join forces linking different tribes, awakening together into the evolutionary process of human consciousness.

Training + Certifications

Anusara Yoga training. Cancín, México. 500 hrs.

Sivananda Yoga Training. Isla Mujeres, México. 300 hrs.

Parinaama Yoga training. Cuernavaca, México. 200 hrs.

Qiyo multiversal training. Cozumel, México. 200 hrs.

7 lotus Qigong training. Playa del Carmen, México. 100 hrs.

Multiversal Aquatic therapy training. México. 500 hrs.

Thai massage training. México. 100 hrs.

Shamanic initiations and training. México. 200 hrs.

Flight of the Eagle multipliers trainings. México. 100 hrs.

Chinese medicine courses.

Gene keys courses.

The Place

Kaan Luum Lagoon.

She works in a private lagoon venue.

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