"Maybe you don't know, but in your chest dwells the heart of a jaguar. Roar with every beat to scare away fear and hopelessness. It's the echo of dreams to fulfill. Don't hold it. Let it roar.”


Medicine Woman

Carolina is an incredible medicine woman who has been on a profound sacred journey of transformation. 

Caro followed the voice of her heart with guidance from the universe. She creates beauty and blessings around the world. She shares her medicine in preparation for a new earth and spiritual awakening.


AreaSoul Transformation
Language(s)EN - SP
MediumIn Person/ Online

Cacao Ceremony – Individual or Groups –


3,000$ MXN


Private Temazcal


8,000$ MXN


Limpia – Mayan Ancestral Spiritual Cleansing


2,200$ MXN


Caro is great masseuse…she has a very intuitive touch and a pair of hands that work their magic on sore muscles.  

Daria Hines

Caro's Story

Carolina was born in Mexico City. From a young age, she had a deep knowing that something bigger was guiding her. 

She studied Anthropology at University, learning that nothing is fixed. We are the creator of our own destiny. She became a prominent social activist but was in crisis about the state of the world. After a death -life experience, Caro began traveling and living with indigenous communities. She was led to Portugal to be with a lover where she wed and studied a master’s in human emotions. 

After 7 years she felt unhappy, feeling she had an unfulfilled mission. Broken and having lost faith, she set her beloved husband free and began praying for guidance. Shortly after, she was led to a medicine house to build Temazcal. Caro was shown a clear vision that she will guide her own Temazcals. Her sacred journey continued through Portugal and Asia where she learned from Shamans and sacred plants. 

In Thailand, she undertook training in Shamanism, Cacao ceremonies, and awakening ancestral memories. In Nepal, Caro ran circles for women who had experienced violence and abuse. She visited the Shipibo Tribe in Peru; the warriors of the amazon and masters of Ayuascha and rape. She felt the spirit of the medicine teach her. 

Caro’s heart called that it was time to return home to Mexico. During a sacred ceremony, she was told to go to Tulum to share Temazcals.

Caro feels so much love, emotion, and pride in sharing everything she has learned.


Walking on Earth to help people to remember that Life is Sacred. 

To share ancient sacred medicines of Temazcal, Rape, offering Cacao, cleanings with herbs, eggs, and Copal, Woman Circle, and the teachings of Sacred Obsidian Yoni Egg. 

Training + Certifications

Social Anthropology Degree, Mexico City, 2003-2009.

Human Emotions Masters, Portugal, 2009-2011

Deep Ecology training (EDE), 2015

Initiations with medicines in sacred places all around the world.


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