"A medicine keeper is to be a bridge between the elders and the new generations to preserve and keep this ancestral knowledge alive".


Native Healer

Juan is a native healer who has been walking the path of ancestral medicine for over 20 years. He has been initiated with Native Americans, Mayans in Yucatán, and Brazilian Amazon natives. He guides and holds space in ceremonial circles of transformation with integrity and a humble spirit. He is also an aquatic trainer and therapist with a deep perception of the subtle world. 

AreaSoul Transformation - Body
Language(s)EN - SP - PT - IT
MediumIn Person

Native Healing Therapy


Juan's Story

His parents took him to Temazcales from a young age living his firsts experiences with Ancestral Mexican Medicine. His attraction for ancient healing techniques led him to be initiated with the sacred plant of Peyote at the age of 15 with the grandparents of the Mexican indigenous communities in the middle of the mountains, North Mexico. 

At the age of 20, he decided to be on the service of the healing path. His life’s purpose drove him to move to Texas, USA, where he met the Apaches, Native Americans. “White Buffalo” the medicine man of the community invited him to attend their private ceremonies and secret circles. Juan lived with them for several years gaining a profound knowledge of how the body can heal from the root.

Juan traveled in Brazil for a couple of years, where he had his first initiation into Santo Daime, the sacred plant of the Brazilian Amazons. When Juan decided to return to Mexico, Abuelo Antonio selected him as his disciple and they were working together in his ranch in Yucatán, Mexico. 

Juan is a frequent traveler between the States, Canada, and Europe, where he shares his knowledge and unique combination of native healing tools with people across the globe. 

Juan feels honored to meet 5 memorable teachers who helped and guided him in the ancestral medicine teachings that are only transmitted by generations. 


His purpose as a wisdom and medicine keeper is to be a bridge between the elders and the new generations to preserve and preserve this ancestral knowledge alive, aligned with the natural rhythms of the medicine wheel.

Training + Certifications

Learning the healing techniques practiced by Native Americans in Texas, USA, where he was living with “White Buffalo” medicine man Sonny Molina and working in his Sananda clinic for 8 years.

Mayan Cirro, Traditional Sobada Maya, and Puzdyáh Mayan healing techniques with Abuelo Antonio. 

Bio Magnetism certification. 

Chiropractic certification. 

Ancestral Shamanic cleanse.

Medicine wheel keeper.

Mayan calendar.

Janzu Aguahara and Watsu Aquatic therapy training.

Mayan calendar.

Janzu Aguahara and Watsu Aquatic therapy training.

The Place

Healing Jungle Sanctuary in Chemuyil - Client's place (depend on availability)

It is 30 mins distance from Tulum town. An incredible and silent sanctuary in the middle of the jungle.

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