Awakening sexual energy and channelling it to manifest the life we desire and becoming truly sensual and multi-orgasmic.

I am passionate and aligned with my purpose, choosing to live my life to the fullest every day.

AreaSoul Transformation - Love & Relationships
Language(s)EN - SP
MediumIn Person/ Online

Energetic Lovemaking – Couples Tantra – 4 hours

Couples Private Session


11,000$ MXN


Self-Love For Awakening & Manifestation (Tantra)

One on One Private Session


6,000$ MXN


Energetic Lovemaking for groups

Talk & Group Activity "Orgasmic Breath" - Up to 7 people


10,000$ MXN


Bibi is able to communicate a complex and misunderstood topic, conscious (tantric) sex, in an engaging and relaxed way.

Myk Likhov. Founder Modern ŌM, Miami 

Bibi took control of the crowd and brought us through a journey & exploration of what it means to really connect to our partner and connect to our own sexuality.

Matthew Sherman. CEO & Founder of Jugofresh, Miami

Bibi led an incredibly illuminating and inspiring talk about sacred sexuality at WOOM CENTER, NYC. I was delighted to discover the amount of profound knowledge I ended up walking away with.

Elian Zach. Founder Woom Center, NY

The energetic lovemaking session with Bibi, was transformative for my partner and I.

Olivia H., LA

Bibi's Story

From a career in finance to designing a travel app, sourcing treasures from remote places and designing kaftans and tunics, Bibi’s journey took her from her native Poland to Italy, Australia, New York and everywhere else under the sun. 

It wasn’t until she discovered the ancient art of Tantra and “Conscious Sexuality” that Bibi unlocked a powerful key to fulfilment and bliss. This knowledge transformed her life, and this is now the message Bibi hopes to share on her mission. 

Bibi combines creating unique spiritual programming as Wellness Consultant with her vision of inspiring mindfulness and planting seeds of awareness through her series of talks on the dynamics of energetic lovemaking.

Her private sessions and courses provide unique and direct access to explore Tantra, Love and Spirituality.


Shifting perspective on sexuality.

Teaching healing, fulfilling and sustainable ways of lovemaking.

Accessing transformational states of bliss.


Training + Certifications

Love & Ecstasy 3 Level Advanced course in SkyDancing Tantra. California, US.

Orgasmicness as healing modality with Sasha Cobra. Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Manifesting Bodywork Training with Shantam Nityama. London, UK.

Positive Psychology Seminar. Boca Raton, US.

Gave Talks & Workshops on Energetic Lovemaking:

– Woom Center; Habitas; Inscape meditation studio, NY

– Soho House; Faena Hotel, Miami

– Bodhi Tree Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica

– Bewustsein School, Amsterdam

– Olivia Steel Studio, Berlin

– Burning Man

– Nomade Tulum hotel, Mexico

– Tangle Club, London

The Place

Aldea Zama & At Client's Place/ Online

Morrocan-gypsy-chic small penthouse in Aldea Zama. She does visits at client's place in Tulum. Online sessions via Zoom.

    Your soul’s journey

    STAGE 01


    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


    STAGE 02


    Beauty begins where perfection ends


    STAGE 03


    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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