“Astrology and painting are expressions of my illusion, my fantasy, my longing, my dreams and myself. They represent a continuous dialogue with my interior, that confronts me and moves me to try to understand and comprehend the mysteries of life and the universe”.


Therapeutic Astrologer

Ursula is a Therapeutic Astrologer who gives conferences worldwide and has been teaching for over 25 years. Ursula’s formation includes studies in Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, Jungian Psychology, Thanatology, Art History and Painting.

Language(s)EN - SP - DE
MediumIn Person/ Online

Therapeutic Astrology

2 hours reading


2,500$ MXN


I chose a reading with Ursula, it was amazing! She has a lot of heart, insight, astrology/psychology knowledge, and she was just so loving in her approach!

Nadiyah Shah

Ursula's Story

Ursula began her first Astrology training in 1988, shortly after this time she met PhD. Jean Dudin; a student and avid follower of Carl Jung. Ursula embarked on an intensive training with Jean learning tarot and Jung’s teachings. Later she studied Thanatology and Ethics of the dying and specialized in couple therapy at the “Jung’s Mexican Institute of Relationships”. Simultaneously, in 1992 Ursula started exploring her creative side, painting in reputable studios in Mexico and studying Art History at the University of ITAM. In 2012 Ursula became involved in Evolutionary Astrology and was invited to become Mexican satellite for The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). Simultaneously she was named the Cosmic Patterns software representative for Mexico and Latin America. In 2017 Ursula studied Traditional Astrology exploring the depths Mythology. Ursula has recently been named the Global Director for the International Society for Astrological Research in Mexico (ISAR). She continues to go deeper in her studies and is a pioneer in the field of Astrology.


To help expand, share and improve the level of Astrology.

Training + Certifications

1988- 2017- Various Astrology Training. 

1988 Astrological studies with Ingrid Rosenbluth for 3 years.

1990 Tarot training with a Jungian approach with Jean Dudin.

1992 Body structure training with Mimi Berger.

1992 Painting with Ursula García Ascot.

1993 Bettina’s Garro painting studio.

1995 Astrology lessons.

1995 Thanatology and ethics for the dying in the “Instituto Mexicano de Tanatología” for 2 and a half years.

1995 Pedro Rivera “the director for the art university in Cuba” started to give me a personal painting specialization.

1996 Ingresses in the “Instituto Mexicano de Religion de la Pareja” and started my Jungian psychological training.

1998 Dream analysis in the “Instituto Mexicano de la Pareja”.

2000 Katún Gestalt Therapy for addictions.

2001 Painting lessons with Arturo Zapata and Felipe Cortés.

2006 Remodeling and creating my cultural centre.

2008 I started organization of cultural gatherings.

2010 Ambrosía and study for a pastry chef and I take several cooking lessons with Benoit Galliot and in The French Pastry School in Chicago.

2012 Evolutionary astrologer with Maurice Fernandez.

2016 Art History at the ITAM University.

2016 Mythology with Gestalt Psychologist and Mythologist Pedro Servín.

2016 Philosophy with PhD. Professor Eduardo Ceballos.

2017 Traditional astrology with Öner Döser.

The Place

In Person / Online

She lives in Mexico City but travelling regularly to Tulum where she does sessions in person.

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