Yohanna is a Jivamukti teacher and certified Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach.

Her goal is to make a positive impact on this world by guiding ambitious women to balanced living.

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MediumIn Person/Online

Women’s Wellness Coaching

Women Balance Coaching


3,800$ MXN


Yohanna is so real and genuine that you feel safe talking to her … I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to heal their body, make healthy choices from a place of self-love, and consciously create a beautiful life!

Rebecca Rubin

Yohanna’s health coaching sessions has helped me enormously. She has a non-judgemental character … She is both holistic and intelligent. Through her session I have learned how to find more balance into my life and useful tool to maintain it.

Genevieve Ogilvie-lee

Yohanna has a very wholesome view on how to be healthy and happy at the same time … she has deep knowledge about nutrition. She is trying to find a solution for you that is tailored for the specific needs and wishes that you have. Working with her made it so much easier for me to work towards a more balanced lifestyle! 

Maja H.

Yohanna's Story

Yohanna lives in Tulum, Sweden and London as a Jivamukti yoga teacher and Women’s Wellness coach. She is the creator of a community for ambitious women to explore balanced living.

After years of rapidly excelling in London’s fashion industry and acquiring all of the external possessions society calls success, she hit burnout. She embarked on a soul searching journey to heal, mentally and physically.

Yohanna specializes in guiding ambitious women back into a loving relationship with themselves and developing a sustainable lifestyle to support their wellbeing, careers, and dreams.


I believe in a world where ambitious women are able to pursue their dreams while living healthy and balanced lives. 

Yoga and mindfulness practices supported me through my darkest times and eventually helped me recover from exhaustion but also brought clarity and purpose to my life.  

Training + Certifications

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Island Yoga with Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimann. Aruba. 200 hours.

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training. Costa Rica. 300 hours.

Certified integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach.

The Place

At Client's Place / At Holistika

Yohanna teaches privately in a beautiful jungle shala at Hotel Holistika, located 5 min away from Tulum town. She is available for private classes and group sessions. Yohanna is also able to teach and make private sessions at your hotel or home. Or you can choose her online program.

    Your soul’s journey

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    Getting to know yourself is just the beginning of the journey


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    Beauty begins where perfection ends


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    Activate high level of your cosmic dream awakening




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