We are a portal

Our mission is to provide access to the conscious transformation.

We are a booking and private concierge platform offering alternative healing services and conscious wellness experiences in Tulum, Mexico.

We selected carefully our community of qualified healers and shamans who offer therapies and high impact healing ceremonies.

We also provide treatments, retreats and workshops at local healing hotels and wellness centres.

Are you looking for a healing holiday to raise your vibration frequency?

New possibilities of spiritual expansion and personal growth

The Universal frequency is changing and the global conscience has raised to higher levels. As a result more and more people are looking to make deep and meaningful changes in their lives.

Healing Tulum can aid personal growth and expansion aligning each individual with their ultimate life’s purpose.

Preserve the Mayan healing knowledge

Traditional Mayan healing techniques need to be preserved.

A percent of the income from Healing Tulum will be donated to the Escuela de Sanación Maya (Mayan Healing School).

This school protects and teaches the ancient Mayan healing techniques of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of Yucatán so these elderly shamans can share their knowledge and gifts with others in Mayan communities.


Trust is our foundation

We know our healers. We trust our healers.

We only work with healers who share our values and legitimate intentions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our healers and the personal relationship we have with each individual on the platform. They are part of Healing Tulum family. 

All our healers have been trialed to ensure they meet our high standards.

We nurture a deep mission to help others feel better and achieve a positive transformation in their lives.

You are important to us

We are here for you.

We offer transparent services, with dedication and unconditional love.

We can provide your with support finding the right healers for your healing process.

We can create individual or group healing programs and packages.

We always act according to what we promise.

Why Tulum?

Tulum is one of the top destinations in the world for spirituality and healing.

Its high level of vibration draws you back to the spiritual place where you need to be, facing the revelations you never knew it would be possible to discover. 

The ancient Mayan culture and abundance of natural wonders create a high vibration and electric feeling throughout the area.

Here the universe works in wonderful ways giving each person the opportunity to experience true magic and deep healing.

What is your healing purpose?

We understand choosing the right therapy may feel overwhelming.

Any of our services can be booked directly using the search engine.

Our therapy pages are well informed giving a clear overview of the treatment, its purpose, benefits and area of focus.

If further assistance is needed our experienced concierge team are available to support and discuss bespoke healing packages.

Healing is about balance

Select your focus:

We are part of

We are a global community of healers and believers of the power of holistic wellness and alternative healing.

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